Monday, October 26, 2009


@htmlgiant 17th review of Brian Evenson's Fugue State for the titular story

Yesterday I caught up on some reading, still way way behind, I read

* Babyfucker by Urs Allemann (forthcoming from Les Figues, amazing)

* Glory Hole by Dan Hoy / The Hot Tub by Jon Leon (new from Mal o Mar, really loved the Hoy)

* Fences by Ben Brooks (new from Fugue State Press, felt good and fresh)

* The Fatalist by Lyn Hejinian (old from Omnidawn, stole a quote from this for my insomnia ms)

* rereading several essays in A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again by David Foster Wallace (I think I might have an argument with the TV essay now, as well as it is written. the end section of Tornado Alley essay blows my mind every time)

* first half of Killing Kanoko by Hiromi Ito (forthcoming from Action Books, is amazing, she writes a lot about feces and bodies and babies and jacking off, will post more on her when I am done reading)

Really enjoyed all of these.

Here is Ito reading on youtube

I don't know, something else

Something else also


Jonny Ross said...

great work on those evenson review/essays. good stuff. thanks for introducing me to a modern master.


thank Jonny, i am glad you got into him, that is excellent