Thursday, March 17, 2011

4 Recent Internet Shits of Me Running My Mouth Etc

Profile of myself & HTMLGiant & There is No Year at the NY Observer: concerning David Lynch, internet machines, ego blur, and getting shit done

Excerpt from There is No Year at the Collagist: three consecutive scenes from Part 2 of 4, re: the mother's relationship with a polymer egg and a lawnmower

Interview at Bomb re: 4-night marathon reading of There is No Year in NYC, the internet as place, metaphor as fartcity, etc.

q/a & new short text "Hexagon" @ The Center for Fiction's The Literarian: a recursive piece concerning fornication, hibernation, wanting, pig babies, ass ends of the universe(s), etc. (connected in some way to this other short piece published earlier this year at Guernica, "I do love god"

+ + +

Also to announce, my 4th book, a nonfiction work about sleep and insomnia, titled Nothing, is slated for release this November.