Monday, March 26, 2007

efficient shit

this is i think my 4th blog. i had a blog that i made with txt files a long time ago before blogspot places existed
i have two other blogs i deleted
i have a blog i write in a lot more on my myspace page but mostly there i just talk shit in an indirect manner about people in atlanta

i just found out i was a finalist in the sonora review short-short fiction contest, and though i didnt win they want to print my story but i had to tell them it was already online somewhere so i'm thinking they may not want it anymore. should i not have told them that? i think more people read things on the internet anyway. if people were honest they'd mostly only publish online because way more people read that than issue #3 or even April 2006 of small magazines, though i do like small magazines. i guess what i'm saying is more people should do online writing more often and not think that its cheaper or easier or something. i read way more online magazines than print ones and i read more print ones than your average person. let's be honest more often.

but maybe they'll still want to print it because different people read different places. i never understood the reprints policies most places have. if its good, it should be printed so the most people can see it, at least to some extent.

i am trying really hard to waste time today so that i dont actually get work done before i go on a trip starting tomorrow.

here's what i wrote in the other blog today.

this summer i wanna wear goggles a lot
not swim goggles but the kind motorbikers wear
i do not want a motorbike because those are dumb
i want to wear the goggles in the intense sun so that my face burns around the goggles so that even when i'm not wearing the goggles it looks like i am, though of two different colors
i want to wear the same shirt everyday and sweat in it a lot
i do not want to get a tattoo
i want to eat a lot of food one time every day and not eat at all the rest of the day because i feel efficient when i do it like that
right now i am not very hungry
swimming is going to be fun
people like to mess with money
i like when people spell people as 'peopel'
i didnt decide i liked that because i misspelled it when i wrote it but because i genuinely thought about how i like it
i wish more people would have tried to buy my cds so i can get rid of them i am going to put up more cds on ebay even ones i think i still like because i really dont still like them they just symbolize a thing that used to be cool to me and a thing i thought was giving me something but alls it was really giving me was a hard time
i like phrases like 'a hard time'
i found a joke i wrote on my hard drive
not on the hard drive itself but on a file on the hard drive though if it were a really good joke i would have written it in sharpie right there on the spinny drive part
here's the joke i wrote:

A: For Pete's sake.

B: For Pete's sake? What about Jalliope?

i dont remember writing that joke its still a joke right
i think the j in jalliope should be pronounced as an h because thats what mexican people do
i think everyone should write a poem today
i think it'd be neat if more people wrote poems
i wonder what certain people i know would write if they tried to write a poem and were honest about it rather than doing what a lot of people try to do when they dont really write poems and they like have to for a class or something--usually they get all lyrical and retarded and say things the way they think it should sound to be a poem
the best poems are ones that dont do that i think
the best poems are ones that just say things
like this me writing right now is a better poem than a lot of poems
maybe i should submit this to a literary journal and see if they take the average number of days says it takes them to reject the poem
or maybe they'd take it
i'm still typing
did you like my joke?
i think maybe i didnt write it
i think maybe someone else came and wrote that joke on my computer and saved it with all the other files of writing i have so i'd look at it and wonder why i wrote that joke
i dont like standup comedians because they work too hard at talking
i'd like to see that one guy dane cook get thrown in front of a big truck driven by someone without a conscience
not really because i dont want to see anyone die right now but he at least needs to be quiet a little more often
most of the things he says arent funny and people only laugh because he makes a big deal out of it
they included tim allen on the list of stand up comedians on wikipedia when i looked it up because i couldnt think of dane cook's name
i am very bad at names
i am very bad at talking though sometimes i can act like a dumber version of myself and be all nice and easygoing but really i'm not like that
i really just like to sit at my computer and get new email and type dumb things and keep going back to the refrigerator to see if there's anything new to eat there
which there isnt


Avery said...

There's something to be said for holding a story in your hands, though, no?

Mike Young said...

This is why NOÖ is online and in print. But that's expensive. And although it's expensive, NOÖ is still cheaper than Ninth Letter or any of that, so it's not as nice to hold.

But you can hold it. And it's not embarrassing. I hope not, anyhow.

I apologize for invading your blog to talk specifically and intently about the magazine I co-edit.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

i'm not discrediting print at all. i love print. IE: the first avery is gorgeous. i'm just saying i think online publishing is discredited a little bit and it should be recognized more. i think it is recognized more now than it has been.

i think online is mainly good for really short stuff. i can't read more than 1000 words online usually. there's the difference. to me at least.

i like that noo is both online and print. its content is appealing in both forms. i dont think avery could or should be online, except, for example, mike's story, since it is short. i guess really its all a matter of length.

i dont know what i'm talking about, also.


but then again i also love to hold in my hands short short magazines like quick fiction and noon. so i guess maybe its just that i wanted to say i like online fiction.

i also didnt think anyone read this


Avery said...

Blake, your final sentence is funny. I would write, "LOL," but then I would be like my students.

Anyway, yeah, I didn't mean to suggest you were discrediting print journals. I just wanted to point out that there's a certain tactile quality to writing that can only (I hate absolute words, though) be tranferred through a print medium.

As far as Avery online goes ... we were thinking about putting Mike's piece up there (we would, of course, ask for permission) but then thought it might show favortism (horrible word, but you get the gist). And, so, we've decided to put the first story, "360," online instead.

Which brings up another problem: are we then using this online medium as a means to an end? After all, we're doing so not only to get more people to read the story but also to get more people to buy Avery and therefore read all the stories and help us be able to produce Avery 2.

Ah, guilt.

Mike Young said...

Even if it is a means to an end, I think you still win because your "end" is valiant. You are trying to encourage literature at all points: by posting "360," you're encouraging people to read that story, further encouraging them to pay for more Avery literature, a feat that will probably make that buyer a more thoughtful, sympathetic, and helpful person. More so than if they had never discovered Avery and instead had bought meth. Or, you know, an extravagant Elvis flashlight.

So I don't think there's anything inherently shady or guilt prompting. Just because you're using the "means to an end" procedure, your "means" isn't vicious and your "end" isn't vicious -- they're both good, I think. So I say hurrah for Avery.

Mike Young said...

And hey, I'm flattered that you wanted to put my piece online. That's cool.

Blake: your post is labeled Yarf. That is inconsiderate toward people searching for actual Yarf.

Avery said...

Yeah, I see your point, Mike. Can't wait to get "360" up there.


i am a fully authorized vendor of yarf.

BlogSloth said...

I heard sean lovelace kicks fucking ass in that issue.