Friday, July 6, 2007


so i just finished reading a proof of Steve Erickson's new novel ZEROVILLE.

it is fucking phenomenal. i read it pretty much straight through without moving (which i haven't done with a book in a long while). i will have a review of it on bookslut next month but let me just say:

if you are a Steve Erickson fan, like i am, get ready to read his best book since AMNESIASCOPE.

if you are not a Steve Erickson fan, get ready to be one.

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pkgoode said...

"Fucking phenomenal" is right. I found Zeroville in Seattle's Mystery Bookstore (don't ask me why it was there) and browsed through it because I usually like Europa Editions books. I started Zeroville Tuesday evening and finished it this afternoon. I was rapt, engrossed, blown away. I'm looking forward to reading more of Steve Erickson.