Friday, August 28, 2009

I saw my head in the head of heads

Home from Europe, gassed to the nines. Did up Paris, Chartres, Annecy, Turin, Asti, Venice, Rome. Bonkers in my teeth. Tired. Tryin'.

Had a fucking ball though, straight up. My once again massive thanks to Ken Baumann for getting me on board and being a real brother. Rad 100. Also big thanks to Dennis Cooper, Alberto Brosio, and Luca DiTrapano (as well as GianCarlo for helping us find his cousin).

Luca took us on a late night tour of Rome to many secret spots during which we drank 4 bottles of wine, including Dom Perignon, coupled with shots and other crap that took me to blackout mode. I barfed in the tour car, like a gimp. And I guess also got out of the car and laid down on the concrete in front of the Coliseum at some point, preserved here in image for the one blanked in my brain:

At some point as well we rapped ODB and 3-6 in the Vatican City, video forthcoming.

I have seen more of Jesus than you could ever lick.

I am going to write a novel about the closet that was in my hotel room in Venice. In that city you can watch chubby bitches rub their butts together on public TV. I had a dream about the perfect person, who was a lesbian, and had a small rind of fur.

I will holler more later maybe.

On the plane home began reading Werner Herzog's Conquest of the Useless, his diaries from the making of Fitzcarraldo, which is seriously fucking phenomenal. Seriously fucking phenomenal.

Here is all of what I read in Europe.

Just excitedly ordered Sean Lovelace's How Some People Like Their Eggs. So should you. Sean is smart.

Yesterday was my day on Everyday Genius, Michael Kimball edition, it is from a thing I was writing about weird kids I knew in elementary and middle school.

Didi Menendez is selling a tie with my face on it. :)

Shit's goin down. I'm tellin ya.

PS: Scorch Atlas drops in about a week. Amazon shows it as shipping now, I have heard people are receiving it from there. But you should of course more importantly pick it up direct from Featherproof. More on that, the remix contest (sorry for delay), and more soon.

PSS: Cool and new-styled review of SA by Nik Korpon at Outsider Writers. Thanks Nik!

PSSS: EVER gets a nice write up by AD Jameson in the new issue of the Review of Contemporary Fiction

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panoptican said...

Is it OK that I would elect to spend my money on a tie engraved with your face before purchasing Scorch Atlas? I live paycheck to paycheck here so maybe next time, eh?