Thursday, January 28, 2010


crod in the box
box dad
dad was a weeblo before me in the same cult
cutting little ones for strip bars
eating dice
i am hungrier when u r
when u u would have
hey i am seven dollars short of a biggurl pony to take away
america is the best
of the best of the weeblos when we eat those cakes shaped like trees
that aren't trees but have lights on them also
you shouldn't say crod in the box when you are a box dad
and will never have a son
except to go to clubs with
throwing animals out of the way to get to the big door
the bigger door than that


reynard said...

if you think i'm buying you a muscle shirt that says, 'i'm with the boss, he's standing right behind this shirt' in all-caps helvetica you might be right if i can just find one for myself first.

are you going to awp?

Justin said...

Slip, lover, from the very long lies that lash us together.