Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jobs by Steve Jobs

900% of persons appearing are to be appeareing ierjeirj aij jijijijijijijijiijijij

800% of persons sodijoidjroaijsdkfjaskdjfakjsdfkjal sjdkfjalskdjlf ajslkdjfa

700% of any persons who have done the talk

600% fhisdfioasjdofijaosidjflakjsdlfkjasldkjf;askjdf;lkjas;ldkjf;alksjd;fkja;lskjdf;lkjas;kd f;ajsdl;kf jal;skjdfl;akjs ;dlkfj;alk sjl;kfja;dskjf;l kajsdlkfja;lksjdf;ljasd

500% give back any inch you had planned to give back to give back to

90ei990ir9iapoipofkpajsdfkijasjdfl;ajsl;krjl;kj% is peraaeirjlkajsdlfk alksjdfl kajsldkfjlaksjdf;lkjal; skjdlfk ;laksjdkfl jal;ksjdflkj

Let's have a walk to the Tunica

2222222 ni ininnni ninnninn ninin KA ka ca cacacacacacacaca

Barrettes in the bareijarlkjs lkdjf a;lkjds; kjas;lkdjf;lkajsdlk
Batons in jiafjd oiajfo;ijsa odj;fojah;sldjf;lajsl;kjd lkjasldkjflkajsdlkfj kj
Badges for aoils aj oil will have dinner if
Beebees for BB
Baabaablacksheep if you alihjsdl fjao shofhaojdhf;oahjsd;ljf;lajsld;kjf
Past person

#11 diuretic stimulus pancreatic dementia sundowner tablet box

Today I watched my dad pour OJ on cereal, he said it was good
The cereal went in the fridge
Still haven't found the OJ

Easy click kat no hello no buybybybye
Instant message

Instance messagedgdafsdf aspoidu foaisd;oifjaso djfha;s hdf;ljha s;ljdhf; lajs;ldfj ;lajshd ;jfha; sdjhfkajs





port authority panbeep

box o babs

boods if u r r r rrrrrr rice

the letter e

the letter e

ajdfiua osiduhf oahjsdo;fha;osdhf;oah;osidhf ;aoihsjd;oifj
a9er8t9ri9 ur9u iu iuj


Walser and Company said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Walser and Company said...

A person as a process, anything as a process, that everything processes, emerges from processes, disappears into processes loudly mutely, loudly from within to without, mutely from without, loudly-mutely from within-without, in-out.

Live a Little Better /// DANIEL NOHEJL

Casey McKinney said...

Awesome. Jobs needs a job done on him now and them and great surprising segue into your father and cereal. And damn if I don't believe I have to go get a Cortizone shot, third day this week I can't breathe. And I really wanted to come out tonight. But am sitting, waiting for my accordian lungs to get glued back right, somehow, time usually works, so probably talking, and therefore first introductions, would be no good. In any case let's meet soon for sure. Been too long. -Casey

Justin said...

No, you can't do that to the letter e. It's unsustainable. The things that think are really scattered: eeeeeeeee. You see that? You see what just happened there? Oh God.

But great piece!

Anonymous said...

fucking awesome

Nick001 said...

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