Saturday, March 27, 2010

Daniel Bailey is a mage


Ken Baumann said...

really want some of the mexican restaurant to be in the bathroom, a big section of it pasted and living in the wall, tortilla makers above the toilet

Ben Spivey said...

He is a red mage.

BlogSloth said...

You didn't fuck around.

Did you get HTML server's drunk too?

Casey McKinney said...

Funny, I saw HTML Giant up up on the phone and not on the computer. Then I just saw this. Synchronicity.. I just posted my Bono sonnet Saturday cause I read somewhere he is listed as one of the worst investors of all time. I remember when I wrote the sonnet years ago the guy I was working next to didn't think it was funny cause he thinks Bono is God. Well some of their music is pretty beatific, especially pre-Bono's Jesus fixation, like Boy, which was rereleased and the mix is amazing. Something in the air with all this, Bono, drunk sonnets. Anyway here's mine:

Bono My Hero
by Casey McKinney

You noticed this trend lately? The Bono thing?
Bono on Bukowski, Bono on Cohen,
Bono at the Superbowl, the White House,
Bono running for World Bank President.

The other day I had to shit real bad -
kind with no time to check for paper first.
Hurried, fearing Hershey squirts - just made the
bathroom. Then spied that naked, cardboard tube.

Now what to do? Had a girl on my couch,
flipping magazines, waiting next moves, so
thought fast - what would do?
That famed Irish ass painted with doo-doo?

Cellphoned 911: "Dublin please?...U2?"
Then, no shit, in a jif, BONO CAME THROUGH.

Casey McKinney said...

Oh and duh my bitly didn't work, here's where I posted it in case it matters:, was originally years ago on a site called Bear Mountain Poetry Club, stuff's all there, just on editorial lockdown. 100s of sonnets written in a haze. I'll have to check your mage's book. Good to know one's not the only one seemingly in a vacuum doing these things.

Kendra Grant Malone said...

i believe it isonly a matter of time before we get drunk and accidentally get marrried.

(i might be drunk)

andrew worthington said...