Sunday, May 16, 2010

coming up out of the pool water opening my eyes at the same time today i saw my father in a fraction half-deleted standing halfway between me and the house turned profile and much younger with his head down he was wearing all white the gray of the house in partial shade matched exactly the shade of the concrete of the deck and in the instant of his pixel damaged body disappearing again in the shaking off the water from my face skin and my hair it was as if i had become living in a version of the house left otherwise somewhere else which in the lapping level of the water at my chest was the year my mother found me facedown in the deep end and the gray was also on the air

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Argent Eye said...

Corner of the eye hallucination. Had that once in a room that had no object to blame it on or laugh at. "Stupid tree," says the injured ski-trip goer. My father was ten years older looking under a row of antique kerosene lamps he'd kept around in case of emergency.