Saturday, June 12, 2010

i have changed my name to joey, please only refer to me as joey from now on if you refer to me which isn't required

pretty much on the desk here there are a few things including a letter from my mother about why her computer does not work and a red marker and a black marker and a chip clip but no chips

i can't stop saying the phrase 'they were eating it up like dowgs' which is something that a now dead person said in one of his several hundred recorded songs. the phrase has learned to override the words coming out of other people too

the other day my mother put her hands on both my sides and said that i looked very thin

i have already this year read more books than i read last year because of the bike machine which by the time i am finished with each session has two huge pools of sweat beneath the parts where my arms are above it during the time i ride on the bike that does not move. many of the people who bike or lift or run will come and wipe down the machines they've touched when they are finish but i don't do that. the other night there was a corner of a piece of velveeta cheese on the concrete it made me sad

i don't like the guard guy who won't ever raise his hand or speak to me no matter how directly i say hello or wave at him, i think he talks to other people fine

i think big boi was grillin out with some of his dudes by our pool the other day, he was turning meat with a large silver thingie

there are games you can make up it is fun when you make up games it is like there was something waiting to be played all this time and you found it just like that

i am conie the sellfish punk but i would rather be conie at the stroke of midnight like my sister is

have you read prunebomb

have you eaten anything great

things are pretty nice if you like them


Ken Baumann said...

jesus christ, that's a lot of books then

hi joey



Ken Baumann said...

also: this seems amazing, is it?

sasha fletcher said...

tonight my friend made this lamb ragu with i guess lamb stock and mushrooms and mint and ricotta i think and it was just thick and meaty and delicious and it was amazing and he also made a baguette with cut up cured meats in it which was also awesome.
right now skyler is baking me/us a blackberry pie also with some apples in it. cut up into tiny cubes like. but with the skin on. that will probably also be amazing and real tasty.


ken, yes it is very good


sasha, i don't know what to do with this information

sasha fletcher said...

you wanted to know if i had eaten anything great, so i answered the question which i could best answer.

but also ken that looks amazing.

jenna said...

hi joey.

i started eating cheese again after five years being vegan and that is amazing, and disgusting.