Wednesday, August 18, 2010


via Featherproof, on the forthcoming 1 year anniversary of the book:

Once upon 2009 we decided, since Scorch Atlas was a destructive force, to offer destroyed copies on pre-sale, to the brave few who would let us mangle their copy. That looked like this:

Scorch Atlas (destroyed) by Blake Butler from featherproof books on Vimeo.

We got a surprising amount of requests for mutilated books, and happily complied. Blake was so happy he got hungry and started to eat the book. That looked like this:

Blake Butler eats Page 1 of Scorch Atlas from blake butler on Vimeo.

Despite a few protests from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Everything, the idea spread. Mike Kitchell exploded one:

Sean Lovelace shot some arrows at one:

And it became clear. The only way to truly finish Scorch Atlas was by destroying your copy. Thus: we propose a new contest. Destroy your copy. Better than any has destroyed before you. Smash it smear it, pepper it with flak, and digest it thoroughly. We want you to do your worst. Also acceptable: creative methods of destruction that don't necessarily destroy the book physically but endanger it, terrify it, or brutalize it. Like humiliating the book in public, or changing the text, or reading it aloud to your grandmother wearing a gas mask.

Post your video to YouTube or Vimeo. Let us know you did so at by September 9th, 2010 (Scorch Atlas's birthday.) Then we'll pick a winner based on criteria of Risk, Bloodlust, Derring-do, Internet research, Smarts, and Pheromones Released.

ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive: the complete featherproof fiction catalog of books, including a signed, first edition (blackened edges) Scorch Atlas, in clean/perfect/mint condition, Ever by Blake Butler, both issues of No Colony, a t-shirt that says 'Knife That', mini-books, Kristina Born's One Hour of Television, stickers, a packet of Blake's hair, a book that Blake loves destroyed just for you, and a drawing he made in his sleep. It sounds like a joke, I know. But this grand prize package is SO NOT A JOKE. It's for real.

FIVE FIRST PRIZE WINNERS will receive a signed, first edition (blackened edges) Scorch Atlas, in clean/perfect/mint condition. To replace the one you mangled.

THE REST OF THE LOSERS just fucked themselves.

Have at it.


J. A. Tyler said...


thanks JA!

Stephen Tully Dierks said...

that was my first time watching the page-eating video. good job, blake. funny titles also.

Bill said...

Does this count?


BlogSloth said...

You kill me.

I am thinking of a Scorch Atlas nachos recipe...


If I do this.

I can only read that book once. Though I taught it twice.

I'll think on this.

I'd like to see what Daniel B could do with this contest.


bill that is creepy i love it

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