Sunday, September 19, 2010

walk to my house

i am not inside my house, walk to it anyway, open the purple curtain

behind the purple curtain someone is making pie

it will be a delicious pie when it is sursurrated hard and long against the open sweetness of your bald throat, sure

so have some of the pie

come back when i am tired and i might be actually inside the house, i will be warm

i will negate you for your asking for the warmth of me also but i will give it, it is not a warm warm, it is a sash

it is the longest sash anyone inside this country with a shirt has ever put across his left breast laughing in this year, this is a thing you can believe

there are many things you might believe about the color of the circuit system above your heart's mash, but this is a mistake, it is not a mistake i'd prefer to correct in you most likely as when it becomes correct you might have something sharp to say

i don't need the sharpness, or the knocking, or your food or any shirts

there will be a great circus that comes to town soon, surely, and when that comes you will be an ash inside the the ash, blur thrown by the circus friendlies for a great gnashing when their teeth respond in tandem to the color of your maximizing flesh exposed to rain

all this rain i ate might make me heavy someday but i am done with that

i have the surface area divider on lend from koresh and judson

i have the box

come back here to the house and look again

come back and ask a question for god if you have the fuckmaster cojones, which you don't

"no god"

"no god"


BlogSloth said...

pretty nacho

tomkendall said...

The sash part, man i nearly vomited in jealousy at it.

Rose Hunter said...

I like this.

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