Monday, November 22, 2010

odd anchoring of twin but different ache in both arms: Left, a sore node on the bulb on top of the shoulder; Right, a longer running, more slowly throbbing warm glow near the elbow, months along; forced to sleep mainly on my back as one side or the other aches the other harder

everything is mostly fine; i am eating a lot of meals consisting of saltines paired with something i.e. honey or shredded cheese; those are actually the only two things, so there are two modes too

i've been sleeping rather fine. tired earlier than ever most nights and sleeping heavy without waking which i have not done in years and seems to spill over also into waking still, like more tired because of the backlog of approaching rest; i think we are going to go to kentucky for a minute next month and i am looking forward to old rooms

i wrote this thing about wallace

i have a new piece of a long novel in the new issue of this, an earlier chapter from the same piece that was in redivider last year or earlier this year, whichever that was, i can't tell what a day is anymore; i feel kind of itchy

just began a second section of what i think will be a five part novel that is different from whatever else i've done if i can remember anything about that

how bout ice cweam


Anonymous said...

Your diet sounds kinda heavy on the processed foods. Turkey dogs, diet pops of all kinds... You need to invest in a juicer and a dehydrator. Get some raw food enzymes and what have you.

Also, what's your kentucky connection? Just curious. Louisville? I lived in luh-a-vulle for some time.


i wish i was unlazy enough to do all of that. i am lazy about consumption.

both of my parents were born in kentucky, my mom's family is still there. louisville is pretty cool

Anonymous said...

Cool. Thanks for answering.

Alright, time to cozy on into that DFW piece you wrote. Been waiting till I had some real time to invest.

Need to re-read "Mister Squishy" first.

Pet & Gone said...

yay bwr!

Unknown said...

props duly bestowed for the following description of wallace's writing: "seamless balance of the voice, almost like the kind of beautiful human robot we find in children’s films: it should have no emotion, because it is machine, but it cannot help but leak some warmth in through its frame." gonna delve back into squishy oblivion before assessing the rest, but that's ridiculously on-point. kudos, etc...