Saturday, November 6, 2010

wrote three paragraphs this morning
went to help move my father's things out of half of his room at the rest home, which will result in $1000 deducted from the rent, and will open the space for someone else to move in and share a room with him in the event the place becomes filled; he seemed upset my mother, sister, brother in law, and i were all there; he kept saying "I don't know what this is;" he did not at all notice the room's alteration
wrote one more longer paragraph between the moving and going to dinner with the same people except dad, washed my clothes
my mother and sister ordered the same thing to eat: tofu, vegetables, and sauce
i ate very much sushi wearing three shades of blue and a green shirt long as a dress
after dinner we stopped at a used store and my mom bought a beckett play, i bought nothing, my sister bought something i can't remember
returned to mom's and got in the bathtub and read the first half of christian hawkey's ventrakl until i felt so warm i put the book down and fell asleep in the tub
getting out standing in the mirror noticed a large vein seeming larger, darker
mom asked why i did not tell her she'd been wearing three earrings all evening
left my mom's house to go home, forgot my clothes in the house, had to come back
still feel too warm
going to run 6 miles and come back and read the rest of the hawkey
drink the rest of the diet ginger ale in my fridge, maybe the gin, maybe watch a movie, probably sleep early if i can