Thursday, August 11, 2011

what would happen if a private source offered $5 million to 1st American who can convince someone in their family to commit suicide on film


Mike Young said...

(i know, i know)

Bradley Sands said...

Many people would be dead. One person would be 5 million dollars richer. Or not if the offer was bullshit. Or more regretful if the offer was bullshit. Or maybe more regretful if it was genuine. Perhaps one person would spend five million dollars on an extravagant suicide that would be remembered until there was no longer anyone alive to remember it. Or alive to hear about it from the people who remembered it. Or alive to hear about it from the people who only heard about it rather than remembered it.

Jenn Schaffer said...

lots of suicide

The Igloo Oven said...

Reminds me of Durant's statement that man took a great step forward when they stopped cannibalizing their fellow men and enslaving them. I suppose it would be progress in a shitty way. Money would be happy because then it would really be a God.

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