Friday, October 14, 2011

Nothing: A Portrait of Insomnia

My first book of nonfiction came out this week.

Review in Time

Review in New York Times (Editor's Choice)

Review in Creative Loafing

Review/interview at Fanzine

Review in Atlanta Journal & Constitution

Review at Onion A/V Club

Interview in Interview

Radio Interview on The Brian Lehrer Show (WNYC)

Podcast at Other People

* * *

You can get Nothing now at Amazon, SPD, stores, etc.


Bradley Sands said...

Damn, Time is such a cock tease. My dad has a subscription, but has never signed up for an online account, so I did it for him so I could read the rest of the review. But once I signed it and was able to access it in its entirety, it added like one sentence to what was already available to view without being logged in as a subscriber. But nevertheless, congrats!

Miriam Atkin said...

I hope you've read Jacqueline Risset's SLEEP'S POWERS (Ugly Duckling -- Your pleasure in the misery of denying yourself pleasure and her pleasure in visions of what you are denied.

BlogSloth said...

It arrived today. The embossed Z on the back is sort of glow.

small ghosts said...

hello i read this book. and your other one and the other one. and the 30u30. then i made two people read some of those too. then this blog, and the other few. i guess that makes me a fan. people should know when they have fans. we should tell them. they'll know they're doing something good.


thanks bradley, sean, and small ghosts.

miriam, i haven't, but i'll check it out.

Portnoy said...

In Spain are also read. Thanks for Nothing.

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