Monday, April 23, 2007

interview & stuff

last week i was the featured writer at a nice blog called
What To Wear During an Orange Alert?
here is a link to the interview

this week i received acceptances from several print publications, i think 4 in 4 days, which was nice and unusual.

i am addicted to ebay (selling for once, instead of buying) and online poker.

it distracts me from writing.

one good thing to do is eat ice cream until you feel ill and then sit down and start babbling.

i have nothing of interest to say because my brain is fried from sitting at the computer typing for 8 hours a day minimum.


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trevor said...

Hello. This post is a week old but I'll comment just the same. I found your blog through What to Wear During an Orange Alert, in the writer's corner. I was interviewed a few weeks before you and had to check a detail for a comment on another blog. I like reading interviews and read yours. Then I read the posts for April/May on your blog. I have two finals tomorrow, but plan to check out some of your work afterward at the deadwinter archives. The only writing I've read is your excerpt about the gigilo manual, although I remember seeing something about food on Hobart. I just posted an excerpt on my blog, a story I recently rewrote half of, and don't have time to finish, but will Tuesday after my last final.