Friday, April 27, 2007

Sleepingfish 0.9375

i have a short piece of something quasi-fiction quasi-handbook in the latest issue of sleepingfish magazine #0.9375, the line up of which is absolutely sick, including some of my favorite working writers and others i greatly admire: gary lutz, terese svoboda, peter markus, deb olin unferth, laird hunt and tons more. to see my name among such a group is inspiring, really. it is the first piece in the issue, which seems nice.

here's an excerpt:

THRUST MANUAL: Young Recruit Edition
By Blake Butler


Be washed. From a distance resemble a thing someone might desire. Say hello, yes sir, or good evening but not more. Do not look them in the face.

The Client will have been informed enough to possess an idea of you. He'll want to learn your smell. Allow his fingers where they will. Do not cringe. Do not smile unless requested. Sit up straight. Allow enough detachment in the preliminary minutes to allow a rejection without shame. If one does walk out, don’t worry! The queue is never-ending.

Sweat only in the moment. Make hot sound if prodded, enough to acknowledge but not disgrace. Lubricate if dry to ripping.

In event of pleasure, time will be deducted from your payclock.

- - - -

to read the rest you can buy a copy of the magazine here and it is worth every cent, as is everything i've read that calamari press releases.

the cover alone makes it worth buying, in my opinion:

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