Thursday, December 18, 2008

adam robinson said 'that man has the conch'

I feel more than slightly insane today. I have been feeling insane a lot lately. I don't know what insane means except that maybe I feel like I am about to burst through my sskin. That's ok.

You can read the new Lamination Colony and then just by commenting on one of the pieces here win a free copy of Diana George's amazing DISCIPLINES from Noemi Pres. It's a really great short collection. Comment it up.

The verdict on at least the next few months of Lamination Colony is now a thing: I am more than super-excited to announce that the next issue will be guest edited by one of my favorite people in books or elsewhere, MICHAEL KIMBALL, author of, among other things, the amazing Dear Everybody (which, if you haven't checked it out yet, I'm not sure where you've been).

Michael will be reading open subs sent in the usual way to the Lamination Colony inbox until Feb 15. He is looking for writing that is "exciting in any way." I am really excited to see what he does with it. So submissions are now reopen, though it may not yet be reflected on the site. Send some new new.

I am thinking 09 might be a year of guest editing or other shifts of strange, we will see.

EVER proofs are 90% finalized, and hopefully will be green-lit tomorrow. Thanks again to everyone who has preordered, it has been really wonderful.

Other brief notes condensed:

1. I saw 'Synedoche New York' a second time, and it really really sucked. Once you can anticipate the good parts the bullshit of it really shines through.
2. Retconned has been Atlanta's best kept secret in music for about 8 years now, maybe more. A one man band/programmer/oddity, he pretty much predicted/invented several styles of music popular today way before the others who made it popular, including elements of glitch, pop, robot noise, no wave, and computer. If you like the Dirty Projectors or some shit, Retconned is real. (You can download his most recent for free: here.
3. I made a list of 100 the other day. 100 children. I hope it does not become habit. Maybe I hope it becomes habit.
4. Novels and stories and etc. I don't know. I need last December's brain back a little.
5. Favorite google from today ending here: 'why does a straight guy show me his dick at the urinal'


Ken Baumann said...

MK LC is exciting. I may have to break my super-ego rule of NO SUBMISSIONS to send something over.

1. Not suprised, yuch, yuch, damn.
2. Good find, wow, IN ALL CAPS is, so far, already becoming something big in my music eye.
3. Next is fathers, then mothers, then lineage, then the roots, then the stones and the water.
4. The space in between my eyebrows hurts.
5. Mystery.

Adam R said...

that man has the conch

Adam R said...

oh shit how did you know

Anonymous said...



90% was fairly arbitrary, still waiting for them in mail for just a glance over. in my mind they are 100

Anonymous said...

blake, you're like a drunk, perverted Santa Clause. you're always giving good shit away, but if i saw you climbing down my chimney, i'd call the cops.

Darby said...

this is all exciting in any way

p said...

hey blake not to be impatiant mcgee or anything but how long will it be taking before I get my No Colony?


you still haven't gotten issue 1???

email me if so: goddamn paypal

Matt DeBenedictis said...

MICHAEL KIMBALL lives on a mountain and throws snowballs at us all, all fucking year round because he's that much of a wizard.

BlogSloth said...

Kimball has a heart as large as Megaverse.

Excellent choice!


BlogSloth said...

You will never get your no colony. Blake keeps your $ and spends it on cloves.

sam pink said...

"i was drunk and smoking i don't smoke cloves anymore"