Monday, December 8, 2008

this year is for the weak

today is not eruptive & i just started
i should have been marquis de sade
though i would have just written instead of having sex at all
and i would have written different books
why is there a christmas tree in here
i am not going to say something negative about making words
i'm pretty sure nobody does anything to deserve anything
i don't believe in racism
except as committed by people who say 'racism'
when will there be something to wear in place of socks
is it okay with you that i said something about racism?
am i going to receive emails now telling me what i've done wrong?
most days i get told what i've done wrong between 3 & 37 times
one thing i am not going to do today is say hi to anybody
all i really want to say are things that people do not want to hear
soon i will write an episode of south park and put it in the mail
why do people want to control things they can not and should not control
what is wrong with when there were no choices
this is not a political statement
hold on i just got an email
OK the email just gave me a new tenacity for life
instead of destroying what i have done i am doing to whittle it down to nil
until from 80000 words i say the one thing that means the least
the thing that makes the clitoris of my deeply deeply destructive inner female stand at attention and vibrate tones against the air
if i had a large horse made out of ham i would climb up on it and ride down the street
and park outside the waffle house and go inside and order ham
i can't stop wondering what happened to that guy that one night when we came out of the movie at 2 AM and there was no one in the building except for some kid with dark dark hair laying on this mushy pedestal in the center of the lobby, we shouted loud into his face and nudged his knee and he did not move, there was no one in any of the other rooms, we left him laying there and got in our car and went home and did not have sex
also what about the night the lights in the enormous church right down the street were turning off and on in sequential order very fast from one window to another, though that night i was alone
that church has quadrupled since then
i am the same size


BlogSloth said...

You're not seriously going to start doing this on your blog?

You need to sleep less.

Looking forward to Chicago.



start doing what on my blog? blogging?


why is everything making me insane


my depth perception is fifty ccentesss


(people can win a copy of EVER by talking shit here:

Tomas Weber said...
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thanks tomas. not weird at all. appreciated.

BlogSloth said...

Jesus H Christ.


sean, do you have a child? I am going to eat him soon

blogging with line breaks is fun, you should welcome 1999 into your life

jereme said...

i enjoyed this post.

more than usual.

people like to project expectations.

my goal is to piss off every person on this rock we have arrogantly named earth. a handful of people will get it and start questioning their reality.

retard makeout session begins


* said...

seasoned fishmexican

Matt DeBenedictis said...

This post made me believe I need more coffee and I should have punched that ostrich I came into contact with as a child. Petting is for the undecided. Oh I love the last line of all this, "I am the same size".


always punch the ostrich

BlogSloth said...

Jesus F Christ. Most shit post ever for you. FUCK.