Monday, February 9, 2009

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i am still too tired as fuck to think about thinking about writing about the world of please & thank you that occurred at the chicago: though notes of some sort will be forthcoming. met and resaw and hung with way too many amazing people, each of whom it seemed like i only got to see for seconds, but the best seconds. brain is hiding now, let's talk later

in the meantime, there's been a lot of internet occurrence, here is some:

1. Michael Kimball interviewed me about EVER for elimae

2. I did the Book Notes feature for Largehearted Boy, which is a slightly different version of the soundtrack that came on the CD i sent with EVER (which I may post soon as a download link or something): EVER book notes

3. Didi Menendez interviewed me for Best American Poetry blog

Also, more reviews surfacing of EVER (which I sold out of at AWP on like the 2nd day, fucking awesome, thank you to all who did the touch):

pr's husband @ HTMLGiant: 'In a hole, filling a hole with holes. Sylvia Plath starving in a crawlspace, stoned on anti-psychotics.'

Adam Coates @ Internettle: 'ever is atmospheric'

Evelyn Hampton @ Lisp Service: 'What really comes out are sentences, perfectly formed and capable of nesting in your syntax for however long.'

The new issue of Action Yes is fucking transcendent.

Too much more to say right now, I'm going to have to come back later, I can still feel the liquor in my teethhhhhh.

I have heard there are lots of pictures floating around, including some from the absolutely transcendent el train reading which my throat is still sore from, but for now here is me looking hungover on my way to redrunk with two of the realest wonders you could ever meet:

as well, here quizzical with Christy Call (most smiles ever, and also a wonder) and Gene Morgan (AKA the 1 man funparty and megabrother for life):


DOGZPLOT said...

christy call is the prettiest girl ive ever seen in real life.

very cool meeting you blake.

best in 09.

sorry... ive been all sappy and shit these last two days.


being sappy is fun

DJ Berndt said...

I want Adam Coates to write a review of my face while I make an angry expression.

adam said...

i might read ever tomorrow
i think i am in the right mood