Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Matthew Simmons's CAVES

New ebook up at Lamination Colony:

Blurbed by Matthew's mother, sister in law, and cousin, CAVES is truly unlike anything else I've read. Here's the first sentence:

This man only dated caves. It was, like, a fetish or something.

Read CAVES here.

I am really excited about this one, it's new in new ways. Please shout it out and blog it up.

Next in line: Michael Kimball's guest edited issue, followed by ebooks from Mark Cunningham and Prathna Lor.

The new issue of Barrelhouse is out, with a huge slew of great work from people like Matt Bell, Rachel B. Glaser, Peter Davis, Michael Czyzniejewski, and a ton of others. It also contains, among its 'The Future' section, one of the longer stories from SCORCH ATLAS, 'The Ruined Child,' about a baby that grows in size inside its parents' attic after they try to mercy kill it when it is infected with a disease that makes it foam.

Right? Right.

Here is the first graph:

They carried the child into the outside by his wrists and ankles, wriggling. His flesh had turned translucent. His mouth would often froth. They waded waist-deep into the sewage past the upended Mustang where neighbor Bill had tried to drive—the engine crusted over now, back wheels high in the air. The rain had wrecked the city, burst the sewers, drowned the roads. Downtown was underwater. Bill, like many others, had still believed in some way out. He'd spent hours out there with a lone rope trying to yank the Mustang free, his crazed face and muscles so stretched and shining it seemed he might burst open or combust. Finally it was the dogs that had gotten to him, mange-mottled packs of ex-pets combing the old neighborhood for blood. They'd ripped him limb from limb, to rib and tendon. Gnats made short work of the remainder.

Anyhow, you can buy the issue here.

Thanks again to the 5 righteous B-house dudes for the paper party.

A couple other new things in new issues of mags, but will save those for next time.

Reading at 510 in Baltimore on Saturday with Shane Jones, Kyle Minor, Rahne Alexander, and Kathleen Rooney. If you are in the zone, come out!

I think in order to keep my blood at the same level as it was on the el reading, I am going to shout the whole 12 minutes. Gotsta.


Matt Bell said...

Can't wait to read CAVES-- Sounds great. And that "into the outside" phrase is killer. I'm definitely planning on getting that story read today.


thanks Matt. yours is on my read list for tonight as well. glad to share pages with you once again :)

Kendra Grant Malone said...

i love matthews book, thank you for bringing it to us

Shane Jones said...

ahhhhhhhh caves! this is splendid...

Anonymous said...

matthew simmons is one of my favorite people ever. i just read the first few pages and it's wonderful. going to finish it tonight. thanks for sharing, blake!


i am glad ya'lls liking it. matthew is a man of men

Brandon Hobson said...

The baby story sounds great. I need to read that one for sure. Our friend over at html wrote a nice review of The Levitationist last weekend. I'm so thankful. Good luck at your reading!

The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

I would like to snuggle up next to each and every one of you right now.

Molly Gaudry said...

CAVES is great, and I love the layout, too. What a good-looking thing you've done. Great work, Matthew & Blake!


quite pleased and happy yes as well mmm

christopher higgs said...

Kyle Minor is a friend of mine from OSU; he's a good guy. You should try to convince him to abandon conventional narrative. Wish I could be at that reading.

I'm gonna go check out Caves now.

claire said...

The reading sounds epic! wish I could be there.

Also looking forward to Caves.


Matt DeBenedictis said...

Have a good reading, melt faces and send gravel into space. Caves is unspeakable greatness in words.