Friday, August 7, 2009

Skipping version of 'Listening Wind'

New Yinzer new issue guest edited by Claire Donato, includes excellent words by Brian Foley, Justin Taylor, Evelyn Hampton, and about 12 others, an excellent and tight issue. I have a paragraph, 'Accident,' in a way a manipulation of Thomas Bernhard's The Voice Imitator. Thanks to Claire & Jeff.

Also just out is the new issue of Puerto Del Sol, the first under the fiction editorial flagship of the excellent Evan Lavender-Smith, includes new by Eric Chevillard (trans. by Brian Evenson), Peter Markus, Dan Beachy-Quick, Joanna Scott, Jenny Boully, B.J. Hollars, and a ton more, really excited about the future of this magazine.

My thing is a new story 'Choir(s)' that is the first story-length thing I think I've published since those appearing in Scorch Atlas, and is maybe rather different. Thanks to Evan & Mike Meginnis.

Reading Alain Robbe-Grillet's Recollections of the Golden Triangle, fuck. Wish I'd read this 5 years ago, would have saved me some time.

I have a new writing room, it feels weird, shifted from where I've been writing for at least 5 years now, this new room has red curtains low light purple walls and looks straight onto a quiet road. Hm. I guess I'll see. Still trying to get my brain back after almost a whole month of zoning. In there somewhere, not really.


Oliver said...

Golden Triangle was the first Robbe-Grillet I ever read. So mindblowing.

BlogSloth said...

All writing rooms look onto roads, dumb-ass.

I am about to rock shrimp nachos in the home. It smells up the house but worth.


Oliver, it did indeed blow my mind. I need to fill the rest of my Grillet gaps I've realized.

Sean, your room looks onto a latrine i heard

AG said...

I love the red curtains... (!) -- what an atmosphere to create in!

John Dermot Woods said...

Blake, I just read "Accident." As a guys who's been living inside The Voice Imitator for almost a year now, I'd say you nailed it. You got on top of that sparse, breathless Bernhard cadence, but the images are certainly your own.


angela, it does feel nice

john, thanks man, that is a nice compliment