Monday, January 4, 2010

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Most Commonly Used Torture Methods Applied to Victims
Seen at the Danish Centre for Rehabilitation of Torture Victims

Physical Torture

Beating, kicking, punching (with fists, rifle butts or truncheons)
Electricity (via cattle prods, pointed electrodes or metal bed frame to
which victim is strapped).
Burning with cigarettes, hot oil or acid
Submersion of the head in water until partial asphyxiation occurs (also called "submarino" or banera".)
Forced positions
Prolonged standing
Rape and other sexual assaults with foreign objects
Cold exposure
Dental torture
Repeated blows to the ears rupturing the tympanic membranes (also called "telefono").

Psychological Torture

Witnessing torture of others
Sham executions
Sleep deprivation
Continuous exposure to bright light or noise
Solitary confinement
Total sensory deprivation


Kevin Sampsell incluced EVER on his 9 Best from Small Publishers of 2009. Thanks Kevin.

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Pet & Gone said...

what is that torture text from? I feel deep needs to read it?


it is from a sadly short but heavy article in the American Journal of Health. i can email it to you in pdf if you'd like

mugshot said...

i think courtney love's tits or whatnot could also be employed as another form of psychological torture.

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Pet & Gone said...

I would really like that.

Keith Montesano said...

P.S. I never got my hour of television in the mails.

slatted light said...

blake, would i be able to get a copy of that article too, if you wouldn't mind? this is david, from HTMLG. oh, also, my copy of One Hour hasn't turned up yet either, is it yet to be sent or am I waiting on the mail? thanks a bundle man.


all kinds o dat

keith/david: damn, so behind with those. final batch is going out next week. i guess both of u is in it. i hate the PO. coming, i swear! forgive me

slatted light said...

no no not a problem, just champing to eat it. i got the article, too. thanks blake, you rock and you rule.