Monday, December 28, 2009

"It's inadvertent. It triggers something."

I just read The Late Work of Margaret Kroftis by Mark Gluth, a novella, it felt aurally pleasant in a way of great refreshment, with mirror time worming and layers of photography and weaving of levels of consciousness and continuity, all in very brief, clean sentences; a beautiful package with one of the most memorable endings I've read in a while. Feels of classical short French writing but in modern American scenery, which I can't remember having happened in other books. A lot of people I will know will really like this.

I'm selling myself into reading from here on out, reading like happens in a bath, except I won't always be in the bath. I've read quite a lot in the days since Xmas. The sleep book is eating much of my air.

My dad's brain is going quickly.

I published an ebook on Lamination Colony: Georgic, With Eclogues for Interrogators by Mark Cunningham. It is different than most things that have been on the site. I have a huge triple-sized issue that is going up hopefully soon and then another ebook. Then I am not sure what I will do with the site.

I just remember this bit I published last year or something on Wigleaf is one of the only published parts of the novel that will come out from HP next year.


For the new year we are going to the mountains to hide and eat food.


Ken Baumann said...

love The Late Work's cover/new order mimesis picture, too... i hung out a bit with joel, the designer & DC's roommate... an awesome and talented guy

tomkendall said...

just blogged about how much i want to read Mark Gluth's novel. I wants it bad.

Anonymous said...

Hide the food well. Everything has evolved but us.

Scott Garson said...

love that piece so much Blake.... i still go back and read it..... strange fact: maybe more than any other, I miss the thumbnail that was paired w/ it... that ornate doorknob? seemd really perfect.....


the gluth is real

matt, let's hang out soon freal

scott, thanks man, yes that doorknob was a little perfect hole to hole