Monday, February 1, 2010


A chapter from my completed-last-year novel-in-waiting, Decade, appears in the new issue of Redivider. It's the first long section of the book to be published, maybe the only. There's some weird typographic layout shit going on in it, which looks nice in the Redivider style. There are at least 5 voices going on at various times. It is called, "Our Anniversary, Repeated." Thanks to Brooks Sterritt and Matt Salesses for the time.

Michael Kimball, Dan Chaon, and many other excellents also appear.

A week from today Jamie Iredell and I are going to the west coast for a brief-ish trip, doing some readings.

Here are dates:

February 8 - SAN FRANCISCO - Dogeared Books 630PM w/ Meg Pokrass
February 9 - SAN FRANCISCO - tba
February 10 - RENO - some college I forgot to ask Jamie
February 11 - RENO - something else I forgot to ask Jamie
February 12 - EUGENE - Live Lit West 4. 6:00-6:45 at Tsunami Books on Willamette St.
February 13 - SEATTLE - Neptune Coffee 7PM

Hey, shitty job putting dates up Blake. I know.

Hey, shitty we aren't going to L.A. or Spokane or Portland, dude. I know.

We will stop in Portland for a lil though for sure, and hang out.

If you are around these places come out, or email me or something?

We are probably going to be thrown into a squat of pioaer.

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Unknown said...

Blake, thanks be to thee for contributing. Still really like this piece. "HUSH YOUR BUBBLE MOUTH."

Anonymous said...

Blake Butler and Dan Chaon in the same issue?

I have never read Redivider. They seem to know what's up. Definitely grabbing this.

Unknown said...

Blake, thanks!

Reynard said...

see you at dogeared, dog

Jimmy Chen said...

see you at dogeared too man! and maybe feb9 too.

mike said...

Will be at Dogeared mostlikely.

Also, don't know exactly how TBA Feb. 9 is, but if East Bay is a possibility, definitely shout at Book Zoo in Oakland -

Sam Ligon said...

I'm going to try to come to Seattle.

* said...

i take naps near neptune

BlogSloth said...

Looks like a wicked issue.

What's up with the Alexie double dip? Name, name.

That issue is loaded like a fog.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the coast.


Breath or some shit.

andrew worthington said...


reeading scorch atlas....


thanks to friends for doing a meet, it was very nice

thanks andrew!

Bryan Coffelt said...

major bummed you didn't get to come to portland. saw your tweet about being in powell's and i was only a few blocks away -- thought it would be creepy to come hunt you down in a book store.

also, it's weird that you ate at that particular diner in yreka. i remember being extremely hungover there with mike young in 2005.

hope your trip went well!


yo! yeah, sad we didn't get to read there.. you shoulda come to powells! anyway, i plan to come back soonish. that place was cool.

bears everywhere in that diner