Sunday, April 25, 2010

14 rap artists i have been listening to a lot lately + 2 showers

QUASIMOTO how much can you delete i can delete a lot, the way madlib trades verses with himself as quas in shifted pitches hurts my gristle like a good light
GUCCI MANE jumping big rocks in the street even the dogs here will walk out in front of your car like who's this mofucker
BONE THUGS the subs in my car make the metal go like the car is dead inside, it sucks to rolls the windows down cuz it kills that ouch, makes me breathe my air over and over
THREE SIX there are clear castles between the traffic lights, you can go in the stairwells where the bums piss and it's like something rising through you, across the street from that is the sub shop where they give you love for coming in the door
TUPAC even while you get an older body there's the year you drove late in florida and that street wouldn't come back now if you went looking for it but it's out there
BIG BOI don't need a largess need a game machine and someone for sundays, some grits and cheese and a doughnut and a mouth to see it beside
FAT PAT grillin up in the white apartment closet laughin and makin candy out of days that felt like nothing "see a different level of the game fo sho"

most days i take two showers, one when i get up and one covered in sweat
sometimes i combine the two into one

DOOM i would be better off with a set of sweatpants for sure, or a tattoo of the pants along my knee; hide out and make money for your child, even if the child doesn't exist
PROJECT PAT this room could be even smaller than it is, there are never enough cookies, get a houseparty started in your kitchen, sweatpants
Z RO let the game squirt w/o you, show up when it's hot, get a box and take some home
MIKE JONES today my father pulled a black hair out of the pad holding him in his wheelchair and held it up at light, said "we need to make me a dress out of this one"
DIZZEE RASCAL don't leave come back sit on the bed with me smile and let's have cookies and come around or do what you need i want to
BUN B "ain't nothin changed everyday aint nothin chay-ange" the long rhythm of the tree that isn't under this house and the rat that ran wet through here and died so i came home to smell, i don't plan on leaving again lately, it's still small
T.I. the roof on the building i walked into looked like it had been set to the edge with a big bic lighter and clicked and dragged, lunchmeat shaderoof and an erased playground, they had ice cream inside


Glen Binger said...

Blake, this is a really good list of hip hop artists. DOOM is my favorite rapper and he works with Quasimoto a lot. Look for some of those mixes, they're amazing. Three Six and T.I. I can only listen to so much of - they get repetitive. Great post!

John Dermot Woods said...

So when is that last UGK album coming out? Bun B say it's going to be 'weird.'

Stephen Tully Dierks said...

glad ur down with rap, blake :) have u heard "damn i'm cold," bun b ft. weezy?

Pet & Gone said...

sometimes my boyfriend says "mike jones" in his sleep.

jereme said...

<3 for the blabber

i hope your dad gets that dress.

shome dasgupta said...

Hi Blake, here's what I have down for the summer so far:

Trick Daddy
Young Jeezy
Bun B
Hot Boyz
DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince
Missy Elliott
Tribe Called Quest
Mo Thugs
Method Man
Lauren Hill
Goodie Mob