Saturday, April 17, 2010

chont dont motherhoue
i am the large as
as wouelad

neighbor scared
she has dog of
she is scared is
i ate 2 doughnuts

margarietas and the nachoe
with chips plus cheese
ran a car
girl looked said go back to friends
girl looked and was a lez

i have nothing for it
i have no dogs
dead mouse smelled like me

i was going to eat dinner with mom
she was late
she saw my father pushed behind a desk couldnt move
he had teeth still
i am going to not go

hung out with the cat hastings
he didnt want to talk
threw a ball for him to look at
he half ate
he stayed in the stayroom

i left

i have a friend york he's nice
we rode the white van
we disliked similar
and liked similar
there was a mexican band

two doughnuts is trouble
if you are trying to drive and peopple have problems
bithcass neighbor with the blackheaded dog
saw me coming didnt front like she wasnt going inside cuz she saw me
just went on in

good move ill rep it too if i can get my hard shit
tupac is dead
bone is trying
i am dogs
i am tots

no more candy for fuckface

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