Wednesday, December 1, 2010

need room

trying to pare down my home, i have too many boxes

if anyone wants to buy some books, i will throw in some other books

$10 each for Scorch Atlas or Ever, including shipping

if you buy one i will include a free chapbook or drawing or something
if you buy both I will include a free bonus book worth reading

you could also buy Kristina Born's One Hour of Television ($8), or No Colony #1 ($5), which is almost sold out. Issue 2 is sold out. Issue 3 will be coming by the end of the year. it is ridiculous. i will include free stuff with those too

my paypal is my email address which is my first and last name all one word no space at gmail


Thanos said...

How much extra for international shipping?


hi Thanos, hm, i guess like 3 or 4 dollars, depending on where it's going? some places are more expensive, just take a guess maybe? i'm cool with whatever. thank you!

Parker said...

hey thanks Blake. reading this afternoon.

matt said...

Blake, still selling your books?


hi matt, for sure

lafonjj said...

Would love to buy the books from your Blake. You are an awesome writer!

Brad said...
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Brad said...

Mr. Butler,

I was just curious if this offer still holds? If so, I am writing from Canada, so I would also be wondering what I should add for extra shipping. Finally, if the books are still for sale, would you be willing to autograph them as well?


hey brad, for sure man, just paypal me with a note of what you want!
thanks for the kind words