Wednesday, July 25, 2007

diagram 7.3

if you haven't gotten around to browsing the contents of the latest issue of DIAGRAM, you probably should. it's an all fiction issue, made up of the finalists of their $5 innovative fiction contest. there's some pretty incredible stuff.

the winner of the contest fuses found photography with q&a into a pretty stunning result: Holly Tavel's ON THE MYSTERIOUS APPEARANCE OF PHILO S. IN OTHER PEOPLE'S PHOTOGRAPHS

i also really got big kicks out of and am kind of amazed by Christopher Higgs's MOTHER: A DECONSTRUCTION WITH CRITICAL APPARATUS. it makes use of david markson's influence in a way outside of mere replication. very cool.

i haven't read everything in the issue yet but if it's anything like these two, damn. really, the stuff they have up here is heads above a lot of print journals. who said online text was just secondhand?

i had a piece accepted by them back in january that hasn't been posted yet. hopefully it'll be in the next issue.


brandon said...


i am the author of MY PENIS IS A GIANT ALLIGATOR BLOG blog.

i read 'gift' in elimae and was confused. you could link me now. i will continue looking at your page. i will also be published in the fall issue of NANO. i submitted to them because i saw their ad in craigslist.

have a good day blake.

Josh Maday said...

Higgs's piece is phenomenal. Definitely my favorite of the issue, though they're all pretty much amazing.