Wednesday, August 1, 2007

NANO fiction

a short-short i wrote recently will be in the second print issue of the new journal of very short writing NANO Fiction from the University of Houston. they are now featuring my piece on the web to promote the new issue. read it here: THE WAY THE RUIN CAME.

the piece is from a series of reportage from a pre/during/post apocalypse sort of event that i've been working on. i enjoy.

if you have some short pieces (they only take things that are 400 words or less) you should drop by and submit.

strangely, after i wrote a post here a week or two ago about how i never write pieces longer than 1500 words or so unless i'm working on a novel, in the past 9 days or so i've written 3 new stories all about 4000 words.

just bought the collected works of MICHAEL MARTONE this week also. i'd read bits and pieces of him but never a lot at once. i look forward to it.

also looking forward to many journals' submission periods reopening this month and next. i think i'm gonna go on another rampage.

what are some other people's dream acceptances, beyond the obvious clods of big daddy new yorker paristrope blahana?


poopooetry said...

thank you friend! this is very kind of you. fyi, we are now limiting the word count of our submissions to 300 words. best, signe

Josh Maday said...

Thanks for the link, Blake. Yeah, I'm looking forward to this issue of NANO Fiction, too.

The collected Martone is full of good stuff. If you haven't already, you might want to take a look at his book on writing, Unconventions, which sort of sets out his philosophical program in a non-jargonish way. If you're into that sort of thing.