Tuesday, July 3, 2007

monday night lit #6

i got contributor copies of the 6th issue of Monday Night Lit. it's a nice little independent mag and has work from pal Mike Young whose 'The Peaches are Cheap' I read immediately---dude can work the flash piece like nobody's business. you'll want to get a hand on this thing based on his page-and-a-half alone.

also in the mail today i got proofs of Jim Shepard's new collection 'Like You'd Understand, Anyway' and Steve Erickson's 'Zeroville'. two of my favorite writers. i can hardly decide which one i want to read first. i am excited to be excited about reading again.

i went on a submissions bender last week. sent out a slew of short stuff i had let sit for a long time. starting to get responses back to some of the stuff i sent out in the last slew i mailed. black warrior review took one of my lists as a nonfiction piece for this fall. very excited about that. and some nice new stuff forthcoming ;)

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Mike Young said...

Thanks for the shout man. =) I really dug your story as well. But now I think I will run away from you if I ever see you near a wheelbarrow.