Tuesday, June 26, 2007

400 words

i have a very short nonfiction piece @ 400 words today.

it is nonfiction because it's true, right?

finished re-editing THE PUPILS OF AN INFLATED GIRAFFE. it was funny to rework on something i finished 3-4 years ago and haven't looked at since. almost like doing play-doh with someone else's work. i was happily surprised with things i'd forgotten about it. several parts needed work and it was fun to apply new brain to old brain output. i quite like what it is now. i am happy.

about to began new draft of INVISIBLE ERRORS. or maybe i'll chill on that and work on short stuff. very short stuff.

i got gary lutz's new book PARTIAL LIST OF PEOPLE TO BLEACH today in the mail. excitement.


Bruce Owens Grimm said...

Excellent nonfiction piece.

Thanks for reminding me to order a copy of the new Gary Lutz book.


thank you brian.

i've already ready most of the lutz. damn awesome.

katherine said...

Thanks for the link, Blake. I really liked your piece. Really really.

I'm hoping for a slow day at work soon so I can check out some of your other stuff at deadwinter.


thank you katherine. thank you for posting it also. :)

Anonymous said...

more of lutz? How does he have time to write?

Anonymous said...

congratulations to Gary Lutz on his marriage!