Sunday, February 8, 2009


More Ever reviewings(s):

John Dermot Woods: 'Ever asks you to vacate your seat - your room - your house - your place, and then it takes that place and wraps it around you really tight and makes you breathe in the darkest, mustiest parts of it that you usually avoid when your room is your room and then it yanks it away from you so fast that you’re bare in the cold and want to be covered again by anything, even if it stinks.' (full review includes an awesome drawing John did in response to one of the text sections)

Jimmy Chen @ HTMLGiant: 'a kind of timeless consciousness that is, remarkably and/or ironically, very relevant to a particular time: now' plus comparisons to Beuys & Beckett & a note on Ever as hermaphrodite. MMMM.

Valerie O'Riordan: 'heart-wrenching and difficult and dense and brilliant'

In one negative review I've gotten, the old man with the British accent at my work looked at the book for a while then put it back on the desk and said he'd give anyone who could get through the book a dollar.

The Atlanta leg of EVER release party went down on Friday really wonderfully, it was packed out and full of so many friends. A surprise and wonderful to have everyone come out in hometown on a Friday night. Jamie Iredell's reading from his 'Atlanta' chapbook was awesome as always, as was the music and drankin. Rad.

Quite excited too still for the March 5th release at Word Bookstore in Brooklyn with Gary Lutz and Robert Lopez. Derek White is flying in from Nairobi, no shitt. Make a plan!

Bunch more readings in Boston, Providence (2x), Northampton and etc are forthcoming.

Including... Wednesday at AWP for Orange Alert:

Thursday at AWP for Quickies:

and Friday at AWP with these insane freaks:

which includes a live reading and short play on the train on the way to the reading.

Come out to 1 or more if you can!

I am going to buy a snakeskin jumpsuit for myself for this week to keep the blood sopped up inside me.

One of my favorite online journals has a new edition: Apocryphal Text

My long review of Brian Evenson's LAST DAYS

Didi Menendez is blogging this week at Best American Poetry blog &, being the saint she is, she interviewed me for a post that will be up in the next few days. Being 1 of 3 she interviewed (next to Ron Silliman and Bob Hicok) is pretty funny and awesome. Didi rules.

Be sure to check out the new issue of OCHO guest edited by Miguel Murphy.

NO COLONY 002 is in hands and I am beginning to pack orders and contrib copies today. For those I already know will be at AWP I will likely hold onto your copies and lick your chest when I see you and stick the book to it there, if is okay. Otherwise hopefully I can get them all out before flying out on Wednesday.

This week is going to be a dog in a blender in the best of all ways.


Molly Gaudry said...

You are one busy, busy man, Blake. Good for you!

Looking forward to the events,

Unknown said...

I am not a saint.

I am a mogul.


see ya wednesday molly

didi, i totally agree

Matthew said...

Nice. When are you reading Northampton?


march 9 is northampton, i'm not sure where it is yet, mike young is arranging, i think a bookstore?

DB said...

i'm gonna pay straight cash for no colony 2 like it's a drug deal, no guns.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed the Atlanta launch. At least I'll see you in NYC. I had Finnegan on my bedside for some time. I found it helps to put it under your pillow. I think my copy disappeared and was replaced with a quarter.

Jonny Ross said...

that review of 'last days' was really great and interesting and informative, i thought. i'm excited to get my hands on a copy. i will attempt a review of EVER when my copy arrives and i've had a chance to digest it.

Bradley Sands said...

We are reading in Amherst, not Northampton (unless something has changed). Mike Young tricked you because he is an evil wizard. You can tell by his insidious laugh We are reading at Amherst Books (unless something has changed).


johnny, thank you yes a review would be awesome

bradley, thanks, amherst vs northampton is a diff i'd failed to notice, geography is the worst


the image of a tooth fairy flying away with finnegans wake is making me laugh

BlogSloth said...

Only one negative review? You need to write a better book.

Will see your money soon.


Mike Young said...

It might not be at Amherst Books, y'all. I'm still planning. It might be March 8th too. But it's gonna happen, just a little wiggling. It'll be all over town via flyers and stuff when it's all set up.