Thursday, August 13, 2009

Scrawl ass w: 100 wicked

Leaving on Saturday for random sporadic trip to France & Italy for about 8 days to see some shit with master Ken. Going to buy a tree and scrape it with my face.

In case of trouble, REF: Warszawa by David Bowie and Brian Eno from the album Low.

Think I am going to take The Great Fire of London by Roubaud, maybe another very fat book too. Fat books are the only books.

Soon after that, will be on tour in support of Scorch Atlas with Robert Lopez for Kamby Bolongo Mean River also out that month and Sam Ligon for Drift & Swerve already out. Here are what the dates look like for now:

12 - Brooklyn, NYC - Barbes
14 - Portmouth, NH - River Run Bookstore
15 - Northampton, MA - TBA
16 - Boston, MA - Brookline Booksmith
17 - Providence, RI - Myopic Books
18 - Clinton, NJ - Clinton Bookshop
19 - Baltimore, MD - 510 Series
20 - Philly, PA - TBA

Mark it?

Here is a brief review/presentation of Scorch, focusing mainly on design, and including lots of pictures.

Excellent post today on DC's regarding Gaspar Noe and his father Luis Felipe Noe. How much longer will I have to wait to see Enter the Void??? Excited to hang out with Dennis in Paris.

Today will reach 40k word mark on a new novel about a black field that spreads, a twin brother who speaks tongues, a horse with very long hair, a series of 10,000 fences, a flat pyramid, and quite a bit of blood.

Watch After Hours if you haven't seen it. Scorsese's Lynch. Loved.

Life is poodles.


jereme said...

finally some one else thinks after hours is brilliant.

the way he moves the camera during the end credits is still vivid in my mind.

what do i need to do to get you to promote your shit on the fucking west coast?

do i need to fondle some balls. okay i will.


yeah man, the ending is fucking rad. the whole thing just had me going the whole time.

thinking i will be doing a 4-7 reading on the west coast in jan/feb, around there. figuring out the logistics now. but it will happen

jereme said...

yeah i thought about recommending it to you one time because of the burn stuff but i figured you probably had already watched it.

you are welcome to crash at my place while in socal.

that's an open invitation

Anonymous said...

yeah come out west mang

we like weird ish too

kristina born said...

whoa! jeal-uz!

davidpeak said...

glad to hear you liked after hours yo. maze-ing.

gene said...

will see you in september in boston.

the drinking will be championship caliber.

let me know if you need a place to rest.

Mel Bosworth said...

safe travels. i'll be sure to catch you in noho.

Marsupe said...

watch out, they let their dogs shit all over the sidewalks in that place, dont find out the hard way.

I picked up Claro's book yesterday at City Lights, the one Evenson translated. You should try to hook up with him for a French EVER. And when in Rome, try to hook up with Leonardo, and do as the Romans. Pasta Carbonara will eat you inside out.

Walser and Company said...

...the Noho reading will be instead So. Deerfield at Schoen Books, an old firehouse we will drag over Mt. Sugarloaf under the umbrella of the Werner Herzog Society of Western Massachusetts. Mel et al know that the Waldrops will be there on September 2. Blake do you want Rosmarie to sign a copy of The Plurality of the Worlds of Lewis for you. Both readings at 8 p.m. Looking for it. Thanks to Mike Young...

Mel Bosworth said...

excellent. thanks for the update.