Tuesday, June 19, 2007

cormac on oprah

did anyone else see oprah's 'exclusive' interview with cormac mccarthy?

did it remind anyone else of the chris farley show?

you think when you finally get a 'reclusive author' to open up on one of the biggest shows on television that you might be able to ask more provocative questions than a whole segment about punctuation.

"so, like, you don't use much puncutation and stuff. why?"

i liked how oprah kept putting her hand on her face in deep thought whenever cormac did. and how she just seemed so wowed by every word that fell out of his mouth even when he was just kind of rambling.

maybe next someone could set up paris hilton to go interview thomas pynchon.

actually... that'd be pretty awesome.


on another note, if you've never read mccarthy's SUTTREE (which is probably the book of his that i hear people talking about the least, even though it is by far, to me, the most incredible) you should get on it.


katherine said...

I'm thinking about what I would give to watch the proposed Hilton/Pynchon interview.

A lot.

Josh Maday said...

Yeah, that interview blew. Would have had much more fun watching the Hilton/Pynchon.

I just finished No Country for Old Men, which was excellent, so I'm ready for the Coen Brothers' movie in December. Looks bad-ass. It makes me happy whenever I remember that I still have to read Blood Meridian and Suttree. Child of God was my first McCarthy book, and it's pretty good, too.

I really liked the piece up at NANO Fiction, too. Nice work.


thanks josh.

you should definitely read both suttree and blood meridian. suttree is my 2nd favorite novel ever. and blood meridian is just a mindfuck.

Josh Maday said...

It's funny that you mentioned the Chris Farley interview skit; that's exactly what a friend of mine brought up when we were talking about Oprah's mockery of an interview.

If you find yourself with copy of the new issue of Rivet Magazine in your hands, I've got a short piece in there entitled "Spending Time with Dad While Waiting for the Apocalypse on CNN". Should that set of events not materialize, then I've got a couple of pieces coming in NANO Fiction issue #2 as well. [egospeak finish, temporarily]

Really Rosie said...

I have a feeling such a reclusive author had a list of "safe topics" she could ask about that she had to agree to before he agreed to go on the show. I had a similar list of things I specifically was not allowed to ask Boy George about when I interviewed him. People do that sort of thing.

Don't knock the Oprah.


did you really interview boy george? i'm super jealous.

oprah is a turd.

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