Saturday, June 9, 2007

i will become a mexican

i have a poem i wrote as an email
live now up at 3AM

thank you to tao lin for publishing it.

also, the 4th and final part in my serial essay about eating continuously for 14 hours a ryan's steakhouse is now live (and also posted in full) at HOBART


SarahJane said...

rich poem. i enjoyed - thanks.

how do you feel about acronyms, particularly texting acronyms, like LOL and omg?
just wondering.
they make me cringe a little

BLAKE said...

thank you sara..
i like some acronyms, usually less online chatty ones and more just convoluted or funny ones. david foster wallace does some awesome acronym usage.
LOL does hurt to see though.

SarahJane said...

well, i read that, too. you're lucky you didn't kill yourself. i still don't know exactly what fatback is, but I'm thinking I don't want to.

Bryan said...

i liked it.

i wrote a bunch of poems using my friends' names as acronyms.

trevor johnson said...

I married a half-Mexican. I've always had a thing for Mexican women.

After you linked to me, I meant to email you to tell you I had deleted my Wordpress blog and moved back to Blogger, but I forgot.


I don't blog often anyway.

BLAKE said...

trevor-- fixed itsss.