Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Apocryphal Text & Xmas shit

There is a new issue of the online poetry journal APOCRYPHAL TEXT now alive. It has a text (OVERHEARD) that I wrote almost a year ago, and which became some of the synthesis for certain ideas in SCORCH ATLAS. It also has new work by Matthew Savoca, Donald Illich, Joel Chace and others. It is an interesting magazine and I am happy to be in it.

To receive this publication, someone was licking the hindquarters of a sand Ferrari in the gorgeous outlaying regions of Smaller Kuwait, Fund Bashir, and/or Meers Manor.

For Christmas gifting, I received the following books: COMPLEX SLEEP by Tony Tost, THE LITTLE GIRL WHO WAS TOO FOND OF MATCHES by Gaetan Soucy (which I started reading already and is most excellent), ACTUAL AIR by David Berman, and AFTER DARK by Haruki Murakami. I have a lot to read.

I also received a white noise machine that sits by my bed and makes sounds like I am in a vast wind tunnel which is seeming very nice.

Sleepingfish Magazine is currently open for submissions.

See You Next Tuesday II, an anthology of 1,000 word sex-themed stories, is open for submissions. I'll have a story in it featuring a Mexican woman spreading her buttocks to show her anus. That's true.

Lamination Colony is now closed for submissions to the pornography issue (which is going to be supremely excellent) and is now open to regular submissions of the ridiculous and/or strange.

I am selling a lot of CDs on ebay. I am going to sell my entire 2500 cd collection over the next 2 months because I do not like music anymore. Except I'm going to keep about 100 that I do like. I guess. Perhaps.


Anonymous said...
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Kathryn said...

i'm so glad you're saying you don't like music anymore. i say that too and people throw things at me. they say "you are not a person."

there is nothing wrong with us.


music is tired and boring and hasn't been new in years.

there is nothing wrong with us.