Saturday, December 15, 2007

Decemeber elimae

There's a new update for the December issue of elimae up today. It includes a pretty hefty slice of work by those such as Katrina Denza, Kim Chinquee, Brandon Scott Gorrell, Kelly Spitzer (hers particularly got me), Aaron Burch, Kathy Fish, on and on and on.

My contribution is a one paragraph excerpt from a novel I wrote last year MORE LIGHT. This section is from near the beginning of the second half of the novel. It was meant to be written in a Lynchian mode but never quite made me happy in its completion, thus still sits on here hard drive, sleeping.

I think I may rewrite that novel next year, using the parts I know work and dumping off what I know doesn't and replacing the rest with some completely foreign and fucked material, some kind of collage or something. Maybe I will take the manuscript of the 4.5 novels I wrote before SCORCH ATLAS and compile them into some massive bastard. That could be fun or hell. Who knows.

Anyhow, please enjoy the new elimae. Is good.

To receive this publication I took the whole thing in my mouth.