Sunday, August 3, 2008

Crudding the Baby's 'Infinity Gauntlet' Graphic Novel Bib

Thanks to all the amazing notes/blog posts/comments/etc. from everyone in the past few days about everything going on. I feel like things are happening.

Christian Peet from Tarpaulin Sky (which has a new issue online now that I am excited about reading) blogged about some of the things in my 'do more' post, with some other chronicling of his building his home, it is an excellent post and includes another edge of perspective: WHY I HAVE BEEN REMISS IN SAYING THAT YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF MY LIFE.

Christian's blog made me remember another important thing, on the opposite leg of one of the points I made before: to writers submitting work: learn to chill. Yeah, it sucks when it takes editors a long time to get back to you, and I do think it's important for them to stay on top of shit and try to minimize waits, but, in the end, it's important to keep your cool and realize that your submission is, in the end, a submission, and a lot of the time editors are doing everything they can to get shit done, and even if they aren't, try to chill, go swimming or eat a taco or something. Everyone is waiting with you. Patience is valued on the author's end, just in the same way timely attention is valued in editors.

I'm not going to get ramped up again. Instead, check out Dan Wickett @ EWN and Matt Bell's excellent additions to the thread.


I did a video reading of my Chris Farley / Andy Kaufman texts from the new issue of Keyhole for the Keyhole Blog. You can also download a higher quality version through their iTunes podcast for free, which includes interviews with William Walsh, readings by Michael Kimball, and more. Keyhole is exciting to me in all that they are doing and plan to do. Watch out.

I was sick in the video.

Mark Baumer from Everyday Yeah just started a new feature on the site called TWO MINUTE MINDS, where for two minutes you just say what is in your head w/o thinking. The first person that did it was Rainn Wilson, who I am not a big fan of, his face annoys me, and I am now up on the site also. I hadn't had any coffee when I did it maybe you can tell.

Mark Baumer is doing interesting things with Everyday Yeah, I like the way he bends forms of reviews and interviews while also promoting small press lit. Another model for innovation. He used Elizabeth Ellen's picture for my picture.

Here is me in my Tao Lin promotional t-shirt, though the shirt is mostly not in the picture, use your promotional imagination to complete the image:

Tao is also a model for innovation, he was the person who suggested I start this blog, he is using ideas I think people will use in the future if they are smart, he deserves post Al Gore internet innovation credit, Tao Lin is smarter than Radiohead, if I had money I would buy a share in his next novel.

I have a lot more to say, but in the spirit of not going on forever again (more than I already have, how the fuck does this get so long so fast) I am going to go look at stuff.


jereme said...

yes, real talk.

you should make a video for "here explodes my giant face"

DB said...

yes to what jereme just said.


i will find a coochie worth camera flashin

Josh Maday said...

good job reading, blake. i am reading keyhole right now and it is whipping my balls with a stripped sapling switch. feels wholesome and good.

i like what mark baumer is doing over at everyday yeah, too. lots of different and interesting things.

hey, let's start a tao lin stock exchange. i'll put money into that. i'm glad he suggested that you start this blog. it is tits.

more models of innovation, please.


stripped sapling switch on balls, that is real

l l l l l l

Matt Bell said...

I dug the video-- I think that was the first time I ever actually SAW you. Good thing you posted the picture right below, or when you came to town I'd be looking for a shape shifting hobgoblin.

Actually, I look for those anyway, so it wouldn't really be any more work.

ryan said...

the asian huey lewis

Mike Young said...

Are you going to Michigan, Blake?


thanks matt. i do tend to shapeshift regardless, though usually it is just my knees.

not sure where the michigan trip is going down, looks like it's been put on hold

none said...

i wish i did not hear that video. too monotone to masturbate.


slow and low is how to go

i was sick

animated readers scare me a little, unless they are really gay or really good


or both