Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lady Tyrant

While I was in NYC, I got a copy of the fourth issue of New York Tyrant, which if you haven't heard consists entirely of female writers, a kind of shout out in my mind to the recent slew of calls from other journals saying there aren't enough women submitting. Among them included are Sheila Heti, Kim Chinquee, Rachel B. Glaser, Rachel Sherman, Deb Olin Unferth, Dawn Raffel, Eva Talmadge, Leigh Newman, and many others, with a stark black cover with large white writing that continues onto the back, a quote from one of the included writers Cezarija Abartis: "I can smile like a woman, smile at their jokes, make my eyes mild and bring dimples to my cheeks, but inside I am bears and panthers."

I read the whole magazine pretty much cover to cover on the Amtrak from NYC to Philly.

Like the other Tyrants before it, Tyrant 4 destroys. There's no filler here, it's all sentence-driven, at least slight innovative stories that keep you reading just to see what they will do next. I was constantly excited from line to line as I read through, I felt an energy, I was ready.

In particular Rachel B. Glaser's story 'PEE ON WATER' ripped me open. Easily in the top ten new stories I've read in the past several years, both for its scope (it's kind of a history of the world but in elbows, if you will, weird catalogued tidbits and rams of destruction, all in a weird cutup language that still manages to read pristine), for its innovative imagery (it is overflowing, the title alone makes you know this person is not speaking in expectation), and its birth of want in me to create also. There's nothing quite as great as a story that inspires you to work more, and this definitely did that. Even if all the rest of the pages in Tyrant 4 were blank, this magazine would be worth buying for Glaser alone.

Fortunately they are not blank, and there is a ton of brilliance to go around (Kim's story juts and looms, as she is wont to, and Elizabeth Koch's 'ANGER GENE' really got me, as did most of this. Tyrant is the future.

Unfortunately they are already sold out this issue once again for mail orders, but you can find it still in stores, which are listed here. It is worth tracking down.

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I am beginning to put together the next Lamination Colony, and I still need pictures of people's heads close up looking into the camera, you should be wearing no clothing though this won't be evident in the photo except for your shoulders, the background does not matter, you will be used in the issue, please make the photo large enough res so I can make it stretch over a background or thereabouts, the standard size of digital photography will suffice. Please email me some photos, it will be *FUN*


The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

re that video:

oh my god. my testicles are now up inside my body cavity.


i think i woke up inside that man once

bye testes

p said...
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p said...


jereme said...

i have seen things like this before

my grandmother was an ER nurse working the graveyard shift

she would take me because i was too young to be alone

i would sit in the ER and watch some of the craziest stuff

this video reminds me of that


ER nurses are the real deal

i want to see a childhood picture of you jereme


'tender, oh you betcha... sensitive.'

i wish i were that benevolent in the face of shit

if it were me in that video i'd be grousing on a sofa with my ass up in the air cursing at god or something

BlogSloth said...

1.) Kim Chinquee in a lit mag??

2.) Where can I place a 158 page kick ass collection of persona pieces?

3.) Head shot coming.



sean, good on pic, thank you

hmm, persona pieces... tarpaulin sky has a open sub period coming up?

Josh Maday said...

damn, this one sold out already?! tryant 3 sold out long long ago. and, now, finally, my review of tyrant 3 is coming any day to newpages. tyrant is killer killer killer. no filler is right. looks like the best thing is to just subscribe.

i may send a headshot if i can find/take something where i do not look like something from the woods.


josh, i am excited to see that review

yes, subscribing seems the best option.

what's wrong with the woods?

Drew Kalbach said...

i'm sending a pic, not sure where it belongs, sending to the lamination colony submissions email, okay.

Keith Montesano said...

... i'm going to place the flyers strategically.

well first you need the flyers to do that.

that's why i'm asking you for 'em.

no, that's why i'm giving you 'em.

Michael Kimball said...

Yeah, that Rachel Glaser story killed. I thought she found a new way to tell a story.


michael, yes, exactly, NEW.