Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tie the Bib Tighter, Dicklick

today 330 pm nothing has happened
except i threw a bunch of shit away
and drove in circles trying to find an on ramp that would let me on i75
they had closed off so many exits
there were cop cars just stalled off
i saw 4 traffic accidents one with a guy just holding his hands on his head
and yelling at an elderly black woman
behind the steering wheel of her car she was smiling
she'd really done a number on the guy's car and hers too
i feel like i've been sweating though i haven't sweat
my clothes feel musty or having dried
i threw away a paint can that had poured over and dried stuck onto a t-shirt
that i had had in my house for at least a year i think
yesterday i read three books straight through i don't remember a single word
we sat at a coffee shop and listened to these two people on a date
they were talking about what kind of alcohol they like
and what their parents do for a living
the guy had on a special shirt that could have come from any store at the mall
the girl was showing her shoulders and you could see the tanlines off her tits
today i wrote down the sentence 'i made the baby die by folding my face'
with the intent to write something else out of it
but i don't think i will
google is going to have sublet my urethra sometime within the next 8 years i feel it
if everything doesn't turn into foam before then
foam/foamed/foaming is one of the words i am trying to keep myself from using in my fiction
today my girlfriend asked me to show her a book that i had that was readable
she said it was up to me to define readable
i went to my shelf and just stared
and then after a while i turned around and looked at her and she was smiling
yesterday she was reading rings of saturn by w.g. sebald at the coffee shop
and i tried to watch her read it but anytime i looked she could feel me seeing i think
today i don't even want a grilled cheese
my 'brief flash of extreme railed positivity posted online' i am pretty sure is over
today 333 pm nothing still has happened
soon it will be 333 am and time to go back to bed
and get up again whenever
and do stuff
if i could live inside klaus kinski during the years he filmed fitzcarraldo and aguirre and cobra verde i would do it
i would wrap myself up in the little wires that ran from his pituitary to his aorta
and take little bites of them when i felt hungry
and try to locate a wifi signal around his bellybutton
i want a colonic
i am white


Matt Bell said...

"foam/foamed/foaming is one of the words i am trying to keep myself from using in my fiction"--

I do this too-- Find words that I need a break from, that I'm using too much, or even whole phrases that are somehow in story after story. It's good that you're aware of it.


it's hard, some of the are like embedded on the space key, you can't help but not want to touch them,

jereme said...

i want a colonic too


i think i'm going to get one soon, i hope they aren't expensive

Unknown said...