Saturday, October 25, 2008

tickle parents

feelz like a dog is on or at my brain

burrito life / read some story to some toddlers today about a witch / half-zonked on nothing and went to the bathroom to stand at the sink

bleach on tshirts n shit

two stories read yesterday, intuition over meaning:

Evan Lavender-Smith's AT THE CORE: God, this exactly what I want to read, ever, 'layers upon layers,' aura. I wish more people used aura in the way as here with this story,

I feel drunk writing from the snot in my head though I have hardly drunk any now in three weeks

Jane Unrue's A NEW POSITION FOR THE LOWER LIP: I read all of ATLASSED in one sitting finally yesterday and tonight in one long paragon of sick, this book I had bought after having bought it from reading her bits I think in Unsaid, like magic, 'understander of rooms'

as well yesterday got another blurb in from one of my most revered for EVER, my head is headed

tonight the air is back in forth in thin and fat

submit to lamination colony quick for next issue tc boyle sent language poetry no kidding, it's about the slurge of peepers

i love that t.c. boyle story where the kid becomes obsessed with listening to audio tapes of bees, and the one where the woman is leaving the water on in the house, why didn't those win the prizes, had he not been in harper's by then or some shit

oh yeah saw Rauan Klasnik read at Emory few days ago, from his book of prose poems HOLY LAND that came out a bit ago from Black Ocean, I read the book twice yesterday while on an exercise bike, it is brutal and new in its brutality I think, and of a mind, here are some of the poems, during the reading he seemed to both be reading and talking to the audience off the paper in one flood, it was stretchy, he read a list of words he had said during the reading while he was reading, something like: fuck (4) cunt (2) god (7) light (9) church (4) etc., then went back to reading, i was busy watching the face of the brother of the young asian lady who read before him, his face remained in one position somewhat akin to smile glazed for the whole reading, klassnik mentioned 'white dogshit' and afterwards i told him we need more dogshit in language, i don't know if he thought i thought he thought i thought

i think i think i thought i had a way for one to want for want


Ken Baumann said...


good last sentence

Shane Jones said...

i really want to read HOLYLAND. all the sample poems i've read online are incredible.


i like the name of cherries

sample poems


Anonymous said...

Awesome that Boyle submitted what he did. I'm pretty sure "Sinking House" was in O.Henry 1988 though, unless that does not qualify as a prize winner.

- Dan Wickett

Shane Jones said...

can someone send me HOLYLAND...i'll trade them a copy of HAIRY HANDS or something

Matt DeBenedictis said...

I liked this post. The spaces make me feel like life has stopped for me to read.

jereme said...


you are crafty. i wonder how many hits your blog got after your 'i'm going to delete links' post. i wonder how many people will come and check to see if they are still linked.

i am anticipating the new lc.

i like how you manipulate words in your posts.

that is my positive statement for the day.


i got deleted lincoln eye $5 today, you are funny, and real


jereme said...

oh that was fast.

lincoln was a horrible president.

we had a bet though despite your efforts to not let me pay.

i try to keep my word.

balls and word is all i got.

scarface 4 lyfe


i want the bathtub