Wednesday, March 4, 2009

EVER NYC Release Party, etc.

Eugene Lim did the Ever speak: "...never predictable, and its stunningly-sculpted sentences shimmer and gloat like the surfaces of donald judd shapes in geometric progression."

Leaving tomorrow for a few reading dates in Brooklyn, Providence, Amherst, Providence, here is infos in order of appearance:

Thursday, March 5, 7:30 pm: EVER book release party at Word Bookstore
Indie Press Nights: Calamari Press. Readings by authors Blake Butler (Ever), Robert Lopez (Part of the World), and Gary Lutz (Stories in the Worst Way). // Derek White in the house //

then on Saturday, in Providence at Myopic Books, 7:00 for Keyhole Release:

then Sunday, in Amherst with many many

then Monday, back in Providence, at Ada Books with Mike Young and Claire Donato:

After this, I may no longer be able to speak for all the speaking, so get it while it lasts... I would love to see some folks(es) in the house(s). Come throw candy at me. Or throw glee. Or something.

Speaking of Keyhole, the new issue is out guest edited by William Walsh (whose novel in questions Questionstruck just came out, also from Keyhole, and is beautiful and unlike any other book ever, literally), and I must say, when I saw the handwriting issue I didn't think they could outdo in beauty, but this new one, 6, is so aesthetically pleasing I want to hump it (and do), Keyhole somehow just keeps getting better...

William could not have done a better job arraying some true magic loons for the one: me, Matt Bell, Sam Ligon, Amelia Gray, Cooper Esteban, Brooklyn Copeland, Kim Chinquee, Peter Conners, Renee D'Aoust, Tao Lin, Michael Martone, Steve Katz, Noam Mor, Jason Stumpf, Sherrie Flick, John Domini, Gillian Kiler, Paul Long, Davis Schneiderman, Samuel White, Darcie Dennigan, Margaret Funkhouser, all with bios in life story format by Michael Kimball, amazing.

My thing in it is another list, one of the few remaining from the first half of the set of 50, #14, INFESTATION LOOP, and of my old favorites of the series, which seemed to have trouble getting published for its grossness. Fun.

Also, on the web, they have included an additional list among a series of web features, #13, LIST DURING WHICH I AM FIRED FROM MY JOB AND FALL SICK INTO THE NEW YEAR, during the writing of which I really did get fired (mid-sentence, writing in my gmail browser instead of working) from the shitty job I had doing collections for a law office on people who couldn't pay their bills. Interesting to see that list again now, written at the end of 2007.

Still working on polishing finer points of the set as a whole as I begin to send it out to places to look at. We begin again.


Catherine Lacey said...

Myah... going to miss the brooklyn party bc of another friend's reading. Good luck!

alle santiago said...

amherst, but no boston?


coming to boston at the very end of march, will def announce, i think march 29th for quick fiction...

AG said...

Blake, what do I have to do to get a review copy of Ever? I've written to Calamari but no reply.


hi angela: i think i may have disseminated all the review copies already. i'll dig and see if there are some left.

BlogSloth said...

Blake I was interviewing a screenwriting candidate for a professor job and they said "Blah, blah...Blake Butler."


Em said...

"she wanks tremulous on the backs of satellites"

i liked that line or something like it last night at the black sheep.


thank you for the fine memory, em, i am happy you came out :)