Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lamination Colony: Michael Kimball issue

The new issue of LAMINATION COLONY, guest edited by the magical Michael Kimball, is now live, featuring the largest update of new work we've ever presented.

Michael really outdid himself, collecting fiction, poetry, artwork, and other apocrypha from:

Krammer Abrahams
Blaster Al Ackerman
Stephanie Barber
Lauren Becker
Michael Bible
Darcelle Bleau
Robert Bradley
Kim Chinquee
Luca Dipierro
Shatera Davenport
M.T. Fallon
Jamie Gaughran-Perez
Adam Good
Jac Jemc
Jason Jones
Shane Jones
Aby Kaupang
Stacie Leatherman
Karen Lillis
Aimee Lynne-Hirschowitz
Josh Maday
Conor Madigan
Jen Michalski
Ben Mirov
Gena Mohwish
Catherine Moran
Amanda Raczkowski
Cooper Renner
Adam Robinson
Matthew Salesses
Jordan Sanderson
Justin Sirois
Robert Swartwood
JA Tyler
ds white
Rupert Wondolowski
Whitney Woolf
Joseph Young

It's a massive issue, with a lot of new and interesting words. Give it a looksee.

Best stick with Firefox or Safari, as other browsers might eat it alive.

If you are still using IE, you probably can't read anyway.


Those who read the issue and comment on this thread about something about it will be put into a drawing for a free copy of the 001 issue of NO COLONY. If you already have 001 and win, I will send you a book or something.

Please check it out and share it up.


Keith Montesano said...

Worst. Issue. Ever.


ha you sonuvabeeitch

Keith Montesano said...

May I win a book now please? Thank you.

Keith Montesano said...

And yes, just kidding, when I'm back from work I'm looking forward to reading through this fat ass S.O.B.


imma cross my fingers you lose

but it will be done democratically, so, hrmph.

phone, tonight maybe? let's try

davidpeak said...

I am confused. I can't find the new stuff when I click on the link. I feel like I'm internetting all wrong today.


david, maybe refresh? the new pieces appear when you mouseover the color blocks by name

davidpeak said...

it worked. genius.

Ken Baumann said...

YES. Great looking issue. I look forward to eating.

The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

reading is difficult.

Josh said...

so far: really enjoyed krammer abrahams's story.

not as into two others, but naming them serves no purpose.

5cense said...

nice palette on my palate.

Andrew Borgstrom said...

I'm going to have sex with Adam Robinson's words.

DJ Berndt said...

I want to win a book or something.


la quados maneos

Conor Robin Madigan said...

My face hurts from melting of this issue--I was startled, at foist, with the color--but then i got a little more sedated and wandered through and found jemc and garsh dangit--someofthatshit is right melting--where's my mandrel to shape my face back to normal.

Blake. How's tirty under tirty comin'? Gian's blowin' minds with nyt: time, time, and time agin.


i am glad you did the enjoy conor, yes gian is master and lord

30 u 30, we are swimming on, need to finalize a few more things then send to potential publisher to see how they do the like to the massive bank of banking