Monday, April 6, 2009

Blue Nap

Usually I double-brew coffee. I think today I've triple-brewed it. It tastes like a tire. With wheels. I will eat it with my lungs.

Reading Genet and Hannah at the same time is like eating that protein shit that muscle dudes eat. I feel raucous and randy.

I have been slowly upping my run distance over the past week or two, from a 2.4 mile cap to now last night I ran 3.56, all at steady pace. With the state of the real estate, you have to go on a long Spinal Tap-esque trek through corridor after corridor because the fucks who are working on the place and have been for a year now decided to put up a fence around the normal to the walkway to the gym. So they can work on it? No. It just sits there. Though last week they restricted our parking so they could have room to park their BBQ truck and have a 'we've been working on this bitch for a year and still aren't done, hurrah for us' party. Eating BBQ in front of the residents whose homes you've been dicking around on for forever, listening to music and bullshitting rather than working = wish I owned a BB gun.

Elizabeth Glixman did a long interview with me about EVER for Eclectica Magazine. This one was interesting because Elizabeth had a lot of questions about what the book means, which tends to be a common question among my local friends and etc.

The look on my friend Anna's face last night as she told me she'd read the book on a plane was a prize winner, and worth the time it took the write the book.

So this discussion I hope is helpful for those who may have read and didn't understand, and for those who did. The questions are fun, and resulted in an answer I can print up and give to people when they ask me about what the book is about next time:

I am happy with the categorization in your mind in relation to light, houses, structures, blood, and mud. I feel strongly for all of those things and will probably continue writing about them for the rest of my life. I also like shit, babies, mold, layers, rash, titties, hair, teeth, junk, and crud.

We also talk about Beckett, Bobby Beausoleil, blood, the literal, genre, and others. The read is here. Thanks Elizabeth!

Um, MF Doom is good and stuff.

Many many stylez.

I can't listen to 'rock music' anymore, I think. I always get bored in 10-18 minutes and have to go back to rap or noise mess or nothin. When will the $$$ die?

Final month for entering the Scorch Atlas remix contest, let's see them DJ skillz!

Today I am not going to let anyone have any inch of my time but me and this electronic paper, starting now...


The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

I had MF O's for breakfast.

With the occasional stop at the tops of a couple of hills, 4 and a half or so right now. Three short walks, maybe? I need one after the first mile or so. And then there's a hill. And then another hill. That's a couple of times a week. A couple other times, I just go 2 and a half.

Been away from it too long, though.

Bring shoes. In May, on that Sunday, we should take a long ass run.

Keith Montesano said...

You need to hear the new Dan Deacon if you haven't.

Just saw him live last night. It was nutzo.

Gene said...

Special Herbs vol. anything always makes life better.


matt, running outside is so much harder than treadmill. i couldn't ever go much more than 2.5 outside, and stopped a lot. but treadmill is baking my bread.

keith, tried deacon, then i saw a picture of him DJing, and haven't been able to give it a chance since.

gene, believe that.

sam pink said...

good interview man.


thanks sam

Ken Baumann said...

interview was on point, you were jayin threes dat wuz being tossed inna ground knamean?

Keith Montesano said...

Haha. He is a big nerd. And looks like he's 50.

Yesterday at one point he was running down the kind of gymnasium, and we agreed it was one of the best parts of the show. In the not-so-much kind of way.

But dude, BROMST is a really incredible record. You would've been impressed with the live show. Less DJing -- hardly any -- and more cohesive, loud, band dynamics. It was something.

Anonymous said...

I am running a 10k on Saturday if it stops raining. I am training for a half marathon at the end of May. I've run two ten mile races- 1:39 for the first, 1:50 for the second. Funny thing is, I can't breathe at all today because I've been smoking like a chimney and have asthma due to bad kittens sleeping on my head and spring allergies.

Very cool about the interview. I'll go read it now.

Arctic Char said...

Nice interview.

Treadmills are for rodents.

Here they tell us to run with a partner... but I mean how bad can it be, getting your shoes stolen. maybe your shorts? And talk about circuitous routes dictated by illogical fencing...

I told you so about NC. But that's about all I can say about that.

I'll go crawl back under some elephant dung now.

sam pink said...


i like them. it makes going on a walk really weird.


fuck yes. i ride to 'honky reduction' at least a couple times a month. deliciousnesses


running is magic. i hated treadmills forever, till they started helping me progress. now i am believe.


keith, i will give it the try