Friday, April 17, 2009

Contest winners, etc.

So many good entries for the EVER etc. contest, I don't even know how to judge.

Hence, thus, and etc., I have selected a few and then threw the rest in a hat and pulled.

Here, then, are the winners:

the overall mad winner is Sabra Embury, she actually made me feel ill some, in power, a full yes: tho she's already read EVER and so has agreed to donate her winning copy for a stack of some other books will shall be shipped to her in bloodwrappers

So then the winners of EVER:

1. Crispin Best (mmm)
2. Mark Leidner (it was the 'tomato sauce' that got me)
3. Mathias Svalina (tricky tricky)

& of Chris Higgs's 'COLORLESS GREEN IDEAS...': Ani

& of Jamie Iredell's 'BEFORE I MOVED TO NEVADA': Tim

& of Jimmy Chen's 'TYPEWRITER': BusterFrank

If you are one of these, please email me your shipping info, and you will receive your prize.

Thank you to the many entries, quite a few of them made me pleasure and squiggles.

& thanks again to Jereme for the magic yard to play in, and the contest idea itself.

** Less than two weeks left to enter the SCORCH ATLAS remix competition **

I think I have spent 8+ hours so far this year watching videos of juggalos on youtube:

This whole nearly 2 hour 'shockumentary' about ICP gave me a green bee haircut:

Dang. Neat.


Sabra Embury said...

I'd like to thank the academy. Thank you academy. I'd also like to thank the makers of snot and garbage. Which is everybody ever. Thanks.

Ani Smith said...

Yay! I'd like to thank Sabra.

christopher higgs said...

Juggalos frighten me.

Great contest. Thanks so much for including me in it! I hope Ani is not disappointed.

Anonymous said...

"Juggalos frighten me."

me too.

jereme said...

midwest angst.

send me addresses when you get blake.

sabra has razor wire growing out of her special nothing.

she deserves mountains of books.

make that shit rain.