Sunday, July 19, 2009

Solo on that ass

3:AM has published Friend Helmet, list of 50 #43, which is a monologue made up of lines jacked from conversations in gmail with a variety of wondrous people, including maybe you? Biggest props to H, who is the majority, and the good. It should be read as 1 mind.

My write up of the 13th story in Brian Evenson's Fugue State, for 'Bauer in the Tyrol' is posted at Writers Bloc.

This photo probably very well encompasses the general mindstate of the 2nd half of the Dollar Store Tour as well as anything could ever (there with our rapist van behind us, bless its black heart):

Swore to myself I'd be inside my head today, trying really hard to get back in the swing of this mess, I am going there now.

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Ken Baumann said...

i know which ones are from me!!!!!!!!! ;) ;) ;)