Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dollar Store Tour + Ever 2.0

I am leaving town on Friday for the Featherproof Dollar Store Show, so probably won't be blogging much.

I will likely be drunkenly tweeting here slightly more often to keep the bug in my eyes, unless I decide to bring my laptop, which I am kind of scared to. Is bringing yr laptop on the road to bars a good idea? I can't decide.

Either way, we will have Scorch Atlases, which the best way to get one before Sept, if you'd like.

Here are dates I will be where, would be really great to meet see talk confabulate with some heads.

Friday JULY 3 : Nashville
Sunday JULY 5 : Austin
Monday JULY 6 : Houston
Tuesday JULY 7 : New Orleans
Thursday JULY 9 : Atlanta
Saturday JULY 11 : Baltimore
Sunday JULY 12 : NYC
Monday JULY 13 : Philadelphia
Tuesday JULY 14 : Boston

If you are those spots, please come out! For full info on where/when/with who, check the Dollar Store Show site.

The first printing of EVER is now sold out, except for I think some copies at Powells and SPD.

The second printing is already underway, so don't go paying $60.49 for it used on Amazon just yet.

Thanks again to everyone who has bought / talked about / supported the book, it is beyond appreciated, as always.

Ok, hope to see you.


Ken Baumann said...

EVER bust: NICE! Look forward to it's multiple reprintings.

Jonny Ross said...

Can you come up to Moose Jaw for a reading so I can get an advanced copy? There are maybe a few almost literate people around here who would enjoy it.


ken, ty my sir

jonny, i have always wanted to go to moose jaw

Molly Gaudry said...

Laptop on the road and in bars: I don't know, that's a tough one. Whatever you decide, be safe and see you soon!

sasha fletcher said...

naw dude don't be that guy blogging at the bar.

Keith Montesano said...

1) Don't take your laptop to bars. Bad idea.

2) If anyone wants a copy of EVER for a cool $39.99, signed by Blake, just shoot me an email, and we can go from there.

3) I'm joking. You can buy it for someone else.

4) But seriously, I could use the $39.99.


hm, bars is a bad descriptor, i meant more i'd like to have it with me during the car rides, but don't want to have to worry about it while i am at the readings and stuff. it will prolly do me good to have no laptop for a while.

keith, if you can sell some of those, send em my way after, i have a box of cottage cheese they might be into

Cal. A. Mari said...

Amazon asked for the last 12 a few days ago, so they should have them back in stock any day.

Richard Thomas said...

congrats on selling out EVER, that's awesome - oh, and FYI free wi-fi if you sit outside of Panera Bread


Unknown said...

please come to minneapolis please please please you would get thousands of people to come

BlogSloth said...

I just missed this fucking reading. Hope it swayed.


jereme said...

need west coast tour.

Michael Hessel-Mial said...

I agree with Michael, Minneapolis is the greatest. Please do a reading there if you can find a venue.

Justin Sirois said...

MAN! Whartscape is in the same building as the Dollar Store reading -- it's going to be BANANAS.
See you then, sir.

DJ Berndt said...

Congratulations on EVER. That is great.

Samuel Amato said...

Any other way to get a copy of "Scorch Atlas" before September? Just read the bit of it Amazon has up and it made me feel like I cannot wait almost two months. Seems to be great work, Blake.


hey sam, drop me a line and ill see what we got'n


and thanks for the kind words man