Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Today is the last day you can get a limited edition hand-damaged copy of Scorch Atlas direct from Featherproof. All copies after today will be normal and clean and kind. Except for if you bite them.

John Domini wrote an incredible piece about Ever and Matt Bell's The Collectors, up now at Bookslut: "Appreciation of Butler's small, scary miracle requires appreciation of such beveled prose gems, the majority of which appear between brackets. It's as if everything were a whispered aside, the bits and pieces of former lives picked out of a whirlwind."

Thanks John!

Saw Thirst yesterday. It was great, if not quite what I'd expected. I was glad it was not what I expected. Some of the best scenes in a film I've seen in a while: the two main characters sucking blood out of each other's hand and foot in a loop; burping up blood onto a recorder; apartment painted white with people screaming; weird sex; boils, stabbing, hallucinations; the end images. So much. See this. It is wonderful to have a director putting the grotesque onto film, of course it always has to be the Koreans or the Japanese.

Something happened. More soon.


derek said...

bubbling bibimbop blood, thirsting for Thirst.

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